Still shot from this morning's 6-minute segment on my work on @fox5ny Good Day New York with @juliethuddytv , was an honor and a pleasure... Background: #foxnews #fox5ny #juliethuddy #vincentcastiglia #painting #figurative #surrealism #humanblood #art #nyc #2016
Hahaha @brooklynallman
@vincent_castiglia congrats man. Lets get together sometime soon
Nice !
So dope
It's about time you're getting the attention your incredible work deserves!! @vincent_castiglia
My man. Well done!! 🤘🏻💉
My dream to have that amazing work of art.
Right on man!! @vincent_castiglia
I'm proud to say I know you
True that. Great stuff @vincent_castiglia
Your work is truly amazing!!! So happy for you and how far you have come!!! Good to see allis well xo
That's amazing dude!!
I said that loooong time ago
Very cool ❤️ I'm so happy for you ☺️
@_melissa_vee_ aw, thanks @_melissa_vee_ , hope you're well!
Congrats been inspiring seeing your art
I can't believe idk u were on @juliethuddytv I adore her she's fantastic! I bet she has no idea we're friends.
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Creepin #2016
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