FULL MOON last week. 🌚⭐️#couldntbehappier #fullmoon2017
😚ลงรูปคู่บ้างไรบ้าง เผื่อแฟนไปแอ๊วใครจะได้มีสายรายงาน55😘 #fullmoon2017 #edm #fullmoonparty #edmbangkok #zaapparty #fullmoonbangkok #apieceofcakecorporation #clearskyconstructionandmedia
// Slow Down Sunday // "We must listen to our body + spirit when it is giving us signs to slow down. It is not possible to do EVERYTHING at once. Many activities that we are committed to (family, work, housekeeping, errands, volunteering, learning, etc.) requires quite a bit of energy. And lending that energy to all of those different areas quickly runs down the energy supply. How does one remedy that? They slow down. They step away from some things to provide the space to focus on certain things and heal. Maybe the space means reducing where your energy goes and focusing on a smaller amount of things. Maybe it means just focusing on yourself and family. Maybe it means just focusing on yourself. Whatever the answer may be, it can be found within. Don't ignore it. Don't allow yourself to deplete your energy resources without replenishing it. Don't ignore yourself, Warrior." -- from
Before the madness! #fullmoon2017
I've stayed quiet about the new full mother moon, or the Strawberry moon not because I didn't care but in fact I was asleep for 10 hours straight after a good week of not getting enough rest as I'm only a weekend into my finals, and it was the ABSOLUTE BEST 10. Now my opinion about the full moon? It's a great time to come closer to who you really are inside rather than who your society asks you to be. Let the WEIRDO outtt, practice chakra healings meditations in the "right atmosphere" and boost your energies, don't let the said "lunatic" side stop you from reaching your goals. Push forward and stay indifferent to those who wanna see you fail. PEACE OUT. PEACE IN. 👽🌚🦄🖖🏽💖 #strawberryfullmoon
รูปหมู่หญิง มะคืนห่อนกันใหญ่เลย🐶😁 #fullmoonparty #fullmoonpartybangkok #fullmoonmusicfestival #fullmoon2017
De sødeste københavnere vi kender fejrede fuldmånen med os 🌕 #fullmoon2017