"The internet was in an uproar yesterday as the pictures and the trailer for a new project starring Joseph Fiennes, a caucasian actor, playing Michael Jackson surfaced. First, it is not a biopic as some media sources have reported, but rather, a new comedy show that reimagines the urban legend about the King of Pop's post-9/11 road trip with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor. Originally called..."--Read more at HipHopWeeklyRadio.com ! | Blogged by @invadingmars #HHW #hhwr #josephfiennes #urbanmyths #stockardchanning #briancox #michaeljackson #marlobrando #elizabethtaylor
It's a #holiday where we are, and we hope to lounge this Monday away... #josephfiennes by #andrecamara 1999 #portraitmood #kickinit #mondayvibe
Paris Jackson admitted that she was offended that they had Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson & I don't blame her, he doesn't look anything like Michael #michaeljackson #mj #josephfiennes @therichlinfharloshow
"Art, in its purest form, is all about discovery, about pushing limits, about imagining new things. About being open to new things. When you view it with a sense of wonder and curiosity, letting the art speak to you instead of imposing yourself on the art, well…something magical can occur. We happen to think that humans connecting through an expression of art is one of the most beautiful things in the world as we know it. But when you look at art with judgment, or perhaps through the closed eye of familiarity, you are cut off from what that art has to offer the world." —Excerpt from Editorial #1 by the Joseph Fiennes Fansite. (Full editorial at http://josephfiennes.net/rediscovering-joseph-fiennes/) We wrote this editorial almost a year ago, largely in reaction to the first round of controversy over Joe portraying Michael Jackson for Sky Arts. As we write a brief but heartfelt response to this week's storm, we are reminded of these words about the essence of art. We are so grateful that Joe understands that essence and spends his time sharing his art with us... #josephfiennes photographed by #francescocarrozzini for #esquire October 2009 #theessenceofart #artappreciation #artandhumanity #josephfiennesfansite #suitsonsunday
O canal Sky arts anúnciou que não vai transmitir o episódio da série #urbanmyths dedicado ao rei do pop. Depois da polêmica "whitewashing"- termo usado em que pessoas brancas são escaladas para interpretar pessoas de outras etnias! E depois das reclamações da família do #michaeljackson, #parisjackson disse estar " incrivelmente ofendida" com a escalação do ator #josephfiennes para interpretar o pai. A série urban myths tem 30 minutos por episódio , iria contar a história só rei do pop, de quando ele viaja pelo EUA supostamente fez com os atores #Marlonbrando e #elizabethTaylor.
Raccontare le #leggendemetropolitane di #celebrities! Questo l’obiettivo di #UrbanMyth, la #serietv di #SkyArts che farà il suo debutto in Inghilterra il #19gennaio. Storie forse vere che coinvolgono nomi come #CaryGrant, #AdolfHitler, #ElizabethTaylor, #MarlonBrando e #MichaelJackson... E proprio l'episodio su il #kingofpop (interpretato da #josephfiennes) sta facendo molto discutere, già prima della messa in onda... Su #screenweek scoprirete il perchè!
I have been saying this and will say it again: STOP CASTING WHITE ACTORS AND ACTRESSES FOR ROLES OF POC. People are saying that Michael wanted to become white, or he didn't like being black. But the thing is, he had a skin condition that destroys the pigmentation of his skin. He actually said in this interview: "I am proud to be a black American. I am proud of my race. I'm proud of who I am" I just wonder what the hell Joseph Fiennes was thinking when he was auditioning and what the director was thinking when casting him, especially when Michael SPECIFICALLY said he didn't want a white actor to play him. I am utterly disgusted. -aina🌞 #michaeljackson #poc #josephfiennes #urbanmyths #feminist #feminism
One more by special request for @lilrubyfox, and also for @germanmaedchen82 who loves this movie. 😘 If any of you followers would like to see a particular kind of Joe pic, just tell us in the comments and we'll do our best!... #josephfiennes as #captainroybrown in #theredbaron #screencap #screencapsaturday