A blessed vision of the first full moon of the year. After a solid welcoming full moon meditation, she gracefully acknowledged her presence with a strong command to me. Forgive your parents is what the energy of the moon conveyed. Much to my surprise it was such a hard thing to do yet I obediently obliged and felt the release of a huge burden taken off me. God only knows how many years this was seeded in me, now just like the little prince would say ... "Baobabs, they start off as tiny weeds, they resemble rose bushes in youth but if not uprooted and discarded when they are little, they firmly take root and can even cause a planet to split apart." It's time to uproot and discard. Let every single bad memory of anything / anyone go. Come tmrw morning, you will smile because the baobabs are gone :) #spiritualfullmoon #letitgo #beHereNow #thelittleprincequotes #peacefulNight #goodnight #fullmoon2017 #sublime #awakeningYear #forgiveness #compassion #spirituality #theydidtheirBest #waheguru
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That's for my girls out there 👻 you deserve the best and when the words don't match the facts please turn around, keep going and never look back 🙌🏻
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The ninth law. Once the inspired action with faith, purpose and gratitude is taken, there is nothing more to do, but practice loving allowance. Once we are deattached from outcome, we completely release the energy of resistance. It's the art and the mastery. Keeping the vision of your deep desire and yet letting it go to the universe. Trust what if it's yours, it will come to you, otherwise it will come something better than you can imagine and be ready to meet some little tests on the way, so you can show that you are ready for it. While you are allowing your desires to come to you, don't forget to check once again : are there any parts of you which do not feel worthy of it? Or that you don't deserve it? Or what you can't handle it? Are you still afraid of change? If you find anything of that nature, direct love to yourself, do something you love, give your body, mind and soul something pleasant :) love can transform everything, just don't forget to direct it to yourself. You are worthy!
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Odpuść i idź dalej. Zrób to dla siebie, zasługujesz na spokój. #odpùść #feelfree #letitgo #doitforyourself #zrobtodlasiebie #coaching #psychology #psychologia #caminocentrumrozwoju
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Love being a badass Queen with powers ❄️#Disney #frozen #blonde #elsa #letitgo #throwback #tb #snow #powers @disney @angelsecretofficial @disneyfrozen
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Dearest you Your value can never be taken. Love and light Me 💓💓💓💓
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