"I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon" The Wolf Moon, the first full moon of 2017, rising in Greenwich Park. Venus too has been looking glorious recently in the early evening south westerly sky. I am looking at her through the window as I type #fullmoon2017 #januaryfullmoon #moonrise #wolfmoon #greenwichpark #moonthroughthetrees #moonthroughtrees #thewholeofthemoon #thewaterboys
Great picture, great song :-)
Very beautiful!
@mrs_martinak170 Thank you, Mrs M 😊
@j.c.nowwin Thank you!
Very lovely! Here the first people say "Dingo makes us human". Ie, we learn to behave well in family groups and alliances by watching dingo - or in northern climes - wolf. And she is definitely the one who sings up the winter moon
@cernakherself Thanks - I read that the name Wolf 🐺moon was given to us by Native American peoples, who for millennia heard wolves singing up the winter moon.
You will likely only read our truth here tho you know. How often do you read of references to the deep knowledge of the oldest extant culture on our planet...?
@cernakherself Just about never for the vast majority of us. We have heard of the Dreamtime, without understanding anything about it, and we might have read English writer Bruce Chatwin's The Songlines years ago, which is probably of no value. I read a couple of press articles a few weeks ago inspired by things you wrote here.
Look I know this too. Things can change. It takes a certain bravery to dare to cross cultures in an empty-handed leap. We dont know where we will land, except in a part of ourselves we may never have seen...:) i appreciate the time you take to think about these things.. and your nice photos of course🙏
It was very large as it rose yesterday. The weather always appears to change along with it too.⚪️☄️
@thegreenwoodslaugh Yes, I think the Snow Moon is in February 😊 Looks like the snow will be a month early!
What a shame..I was excited by the prospect..but, alas..just sleet and wind. 🌪️🌨️🌨️🌬️
@thegreenwoodslaugh I went down to Woking, and the snow was quite heavy there, covering parked cars. But it had all gone by the time I got the train back to London at 10.
Really happy with how this little wolf turned out in the end! I had to revise the design after the initial plating was unsuccessful. Sometimes failure leads to better things ;)
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new hair?
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En sueños me he perdido en bosques ancestrales y le he aullado a la luna, y sin darme cuenta no era más un hombre, sino un lobo, libre, salvaje e indómito. Y al despertarme anhelaba estar corriendo en esos bosques, en contacto con la tierra y los viejos dioses olvidados, acaso esos sueños serán más que sueños? #lobo #lobos #wolf #moon #luna #wolfmoon #sueños #dreams #luna #moon
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Forgot to upload this a couple of weeks ago but I got my first tattoo (Ignore the Snapchat caption) #typeonegative #wolfmoon
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“we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
2 days ago
Coming over the mountain road into Aurland and kayak camping from Gudvangen with some fellow NHites! The last of my favorite shots from Norway. #wolfmoon complete - real married life starts tomorrow 👍
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