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June 13th 2005, Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts. "Today now marks 12 years since Michael was found not Guilty on all counts of child molestation. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first nor the last time Michael was accused. The unfortunate remarks have followed his name since 1993. However, Michael always found a way to smile and laugh with his fans and family, but I’m sure you can all agree that the 2005 trial broke Michael. We saw a very broken down, depressed and very tired Michael afterward. Michael Jackson was innocent and I don’t say that as a fan. I say it as someone who studied the FBI files, Studied the case markings. For 20 odd years including up to 2009, the FBI tapped his phones, his homes, and his cars. They found nothing. Theses files are online for all to read and I suggest you do so. Michael Jackson has been and always will be innocent" #innocent #michaeljackson #stoptheliesaboutmichaeljackson #fuckthepress