Please! Someone tell me this is a bad joke. #josephfiennes as #michaeljackson?!? What next? Scarlett Johansson as Rosa Parks? Dude looks like #Kryton from #reddwarf. 😭😭😭😭
Thats scary
Sorry, couldn't resist posting this 🤣🤣 #Reddwarf #britishhumour #arnoldjrimmer #kryten
Please! Before anyone says anything else, I'd just like to make a little speech. #reddwarf
Let todays entertainment begin. There will be haiku readings, poetry recitals and musings on the inner soul. But first, music and dance. #reddwarf
Where do you stand on pissing during sex? Ian Boldsworth & @gaynongay reveal their preferences. Listen back on FUBAR Radio
My son has been asking me to make gazpacho soup for years, since hearing it's reference on Red Dwarf as Rimmer's last words. It really is nice on a hot summer day, turns out! Eat your heart out, Arnold J. Rimmer! #gazpachosoup #reddwarf #famouslastwords
Hi everyone... Just thinking. Assuming of course we're not dealing with five dimensional objects in a basic Euclidean geometric universe and given the essential premise that all geo-mathematics is based on the hideously limiting notion that one plus one equals two, and not as Astemeyer correctly postulates that one and two are in fact the same thing observed from different precepts, - (Loudly breathes out through nose.) - the theoretical shape described by Siddus must therefore be a poly-dri-doc-deca-wee-hedron-a-hexa-sexa-hedro-adicon-a-di-bi- dolly-he-deca-dodron. - (Loudly breathes out through nose again.) - Everything else is popycock. Isn't that so?#reddwarf
Not everyone can pull this look off, but he makes it work!! #reddwarf