@judgemooreforsenate #roymoore @tponsenate ok #whitepeople , just to be clear; we're talkin about y'all potentially electing a child pedophile with nazi/alt-right connections. ok. #americanhorrorstory #whitemaleprivilege #whitemaleproblems #whitemalerage #whitemaleterrorist #whitemalechristian #christianterrorism #christianpedophile the gag is that this kkkracker is the founder for the "foundation for moral law." Really kkkracka, reallyπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜‘
8 days ago
Repost from @feministscript mental illness does not cause mass shootings. I repeat, those with mental illness are not the cause of massacres. Not here, not In other countries, not anywhere. They suffer enough, don't add more to the damn stigma! #dontblamethem #callhimwhatheis #HesATerrorist #WhiteMaleTerrorist #mentalhealthawareness #behavioralhealthawareness #mentalillnessisnottheproblem
13 days ago
I want to talk for a moment about mass shootings. I want to first state the obvious, that this is a white male issue. I want to talk about, the why. Why are white men shooting and killing innocent people? What could possibly pull them do to use such force, to create such devastating violence, to grab at such poisonous illusions of power? As a social scientist and an intuitive mystic, I have some ideas… In this culture of racist patriarchy, white men have been raised to feel superior and entitled to more than the rest of their peers. This superiority is so engrained within our culture we all learn this without having to be said directly. And white men learn to expect greater control, privilege, and dominance in their life. At the expense of others. At the abuse of others. At the degradation and destruction of others. Of course, feminism and anti-racist movements have been challenging this entitlement for quite some time. And as history shows, when this entitlement is challenged, white men can get angry and lash out with violence (the KKK, lynchings, rape, sexual assault, mass shootings, war, etc.). There are countless examples. Now enter the internet. Enter extreme right wing rhetoric. Enter men’s rights organizations. Enter access to extremely destructive weapons and a waiting media storm of recognition. We have a fucking problem - though not new, it has been transformed, radicalized. Now we have media outlets building momentum, stoking the fires of hate and violence, calling these men out and into action - both in mainstream and fringe resources. With news outlets and subcultural forums that tell these white men to be gratified in their anger, that they are justified in their need to take whatever they please and be superior, and that there is a community waiting to rally behind them… what the fuck can we expect to happen? And yet, no one is being held accountable for these attacks. Nothing is changing. Not one law passed. That is fucking white male privilege right fucking there. Even the cops get away with murder. Of course there is so much more to this than I can even begin to fit into an IG post, (continued below)
14 days ago
I don't care if you agree with this or not. If the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas would have been carried out by another ethnicity or a person of color this would be "the most horrific terrorist attack of our time". Get the fuck out of here with this "its not about color" dialogue, your privilege is showing. #saltfw #whathappenedinvegas #whitemaleterrorist #fortwayne #whiteprivilege
2 months ago
Las Vegas didn't have to happen. None of these people had to die. But guess what, until white men are addressed as terrorists and something is done about white terrorism in this country, these deaths are going to continue to happen! It's sad, it is incredibly sad. It's defeating. But things need to change. Sadly I don't think they will. Nothing ever changes after a mass shooting anyway. Notice this nation is the only nation where it happens? #weneedchange #whiteterrorism #whitemaleterrorist #lasvegasshooting
2 months ago