Spontaniczny wypad do Sopotu.. no powiem Wam, że 16zł by sobie podreptać po molo jest zbrodnią w biały dzień. Ale nic... Posiedziane jest? Jest. Kawa wypita? Wypita. Zdjęcia pocykane? Oczywiście że tak. I to w nowyyyymmm kubeczkuuu.. No właśnie.. co sądzicie o moim nowym cudownym nabytku od @bordo.ceramics? Ja uważam że kubek jest cudowny i genialny w swej prostocie ❤️ a to uchwytowe poroże... AHHHHHH Od dzisiaj kawe pije tylko z niego ❤️
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When one cup just isn't enough. #addicted #cupofjoe #myfaves #wired #starbucks #dutchbros
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Look what I saw when I popped into @harrisandsmithco for a delicious #cupofjoe this morning....my crochet cacti 🌵sitting right next to these amazing signs by @saralita_inc 😍 Their new Artist/Maker boutique is expanding! 😁
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I see you. I see you hiding behind your screen, wondering if you have what it takes to shift your life in a new direction. You've been thinking about it, praying about it, looking for the right time to take the risk. You have an undeniable pull, that nudge to reinvent a piece of your life. I hear you. I hear the doubts and fears and insecurities about how difficult it will be. You're too often listening to the wrong voices. It WILL be hard. You will fail along the way. But with a call on your life this strong, you can't not go for it. I feel you. I feel your nerves and anxiety over this decision. I feel the emotions surrounding "what will they think of me?" But here is where you need to press on. I believe in you. I believe you CAN step out, fearless and worthy. Do that thing, whatever that thing may be, you know in your heart. I know that even if it isn't popular, it's what will give you LIFE. Jump girl. Those who matter most will be here to catch you. >>>>>
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Always fun classes. Join us. Link in bio for full schedule
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#CupofJoe #thecupdejoe It is time to #go From mediocre #2 #meteoric #From counted out 2 #counted on To #fly like the #Eagle #you are It is #time
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