Действительно, в жизни мы забываем, как это прекрасно просто "быть женщиной"👧. Ведь этот дар дан с рождения, но он требует кропотливой работы над собой, чтобы не растратить его и не растерять. По своей природе женщины должны быть заботливыми💕, добрыми, нежными и любящими. Но в современном мире, когда женщина большую часть проводит на работе, эти качества не развиваются📉, они скорее атрофируются за ненадобностью. Многим женщинам не хватает женской силы💫. Поэтому очень важно учиться мыслить, одеваться и относиться к людям по-женски. Именно с этой целью и открывалась наша студия: мы хотим дать возможность научиться каждой женщине быть женщиной! С любовью Оксана и студия "Сила Венеры" 😙😙😙 #Казахстан #Астана #оксанадарьина #силавенеры #астрология #эзотерика #likeforlike #followme #студия #тренинги #счастье #любовь #astana #astanacity #silavenery_astana #astrology #love #life
Astrology Summer School Program this summer will present daily live sharing platforms, each recapping the day’s themes, enabling all to benefit from each other’s perspectives, visions and experiences. Sharing sessions to be held daily following the thematic presentations and lectures of each day, will surely be among the most valuable hours in our learning program. ASTRO SUMMER CAMP 2017 is getting ready for a journey full of unique themed astrology conversations. #astrology #astrologyschool #astrologysummercamp #AstroSummerCamp2017 #ASC2017 #GöklerinBilgeliği #WisdomOfSky #BuYazGiritte #ThisSummerInCrete
Our day and our encounters consist of our deepest desires, fears , dreams and aspirations. We are what we encounter to some extent. #lawofattraction #abide #flow #energyflow #fullmoon #28march #zodiac #astrology #moonbeing #moonsign #soulgroup #society
Today is a new moon in Aries! Time to follow a hunch, take a risk, follow up on a feeling. Or at least try wearing red. #shred #astrology #aries #durango
TONIGHT!! Get ready for the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year!! 🔥The New Moon in Aries 🔥 This moon follows the recent Equinox we've experienced which ushered in the Astrological New Year as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. 🔥Aries is all about Identity, Drive, Self Image. Aka Aries reminds us of who the fuck we are and helps us set intentions, not just for the next few months but for the whole next year. Intentions that are anchored in the intimate knowing of self identity. This is powerful fucking stuff. Aries doesn't fuck around and is know to bring intensity and spark flames of courage. We all could use a little bravery in being who we are, so let's welcome the Aries burn into our being. 🔥 The New Moon in Aries Guide is now live on the site and its New & Improved and I'm fucking pumped to share it with you. 🔥Check out the new features below or go to bit.ly/moonastromagic ! •••• 🔥PDF includes: • An in-depth reading of the New Moon in Aries energy • A section called "Understanding the Essence of Aries" with questions to help you identify this archetype in your life. • A detailed look into the important Astrology aspects surrounding the New Moon and the following weeks. • FOCUS AREAS> anchoring in the New Moons energy into 3 main areas of life with appropriate journaling questions for each. These sections are: {CREATE} Work & Projects {EMBODY} Health & Wellbeing {FEEL} Soul & Intuition • Conjuring Magic with the New Moon Aries: Which includes all of the different types of Elemental tools you can use during ritual and a break down of what their uses are: herbs, crystals, candles, essential oils, Incense and other symbolic items for Aries. • Performing a Ritual: I share a suggested ritual exercise and meditation for you utilizing the Solar Plexus area of the body. • New Moon Messages, Mantras and Asks for each of the 12 Signs: You have a personal message, a personal mantra, and few questions you can specifically journal on and create intentions with. • Aprox 30 pages in length, easy to print! 🔥 What's in the Audio: • Abreakdown of Aries energy and the New Moon Astrology and the a guided walk through of the Meditation Ritual!
There's a potent new🌚 in the first astrological sign of fiery Aries ♈️ tomorrow! (Aus/Nz) Which makes me even more excited about this energy assistance... BEE-lieve! it IS possible. BE open, receptive, trusting, & enthusiastic about your idea/inspiration as it is important to your creative & spiritual growth. All that is needed to bring it into being will be available at the right time. Sweet success, like abundant honey, is coming your way through your commitment to & development of an idea that you've already had or will soon receive. See it through to the end.------------------- I love that this card acknowledges BEE, they are a potent life force for the health of our planet, without these amazing sentients we wouldn't have a natural food source!! That's how important they are!! Please hold space for these little hard workers x Bees work ethic & size of their smaller wings (in comparison to their bodies) still carry them everywhere! Bees help instill the message of how important your commitment to your idea/inspiration is & that it IS possible. ------------------ Before flipping the card I also feel for crystals that can help at this time. a piece of gold or pyrite, or even a gold coin will do, (don't go out of your way for gold unless its liquid gold = honey!) & a clear quartz. Gold for protection & clear quartz for harmonizing. (Do Google or msg me if you want to know more benefits of each crystal) I have here a barnacle clear quartz & small pyrite 😍-------- So, new moon, we shed all that no longer serves us, birth the new idea/inspiration knowing that all will be with divine timing, divine action & divine will. Your Quartz will initiate the healing and harmonisation needed for the changes & challenges that may occurr around this "self first" sign, & your gold/pyrite will facilitate the protective aspect . when you have time, write 5 things you're grateful for and 5 things you wish for (be mindful) Lastly for those of you who made it this far 😆 a channeled note: indulge in self-care not self-only. 💝 always, for the highest good of all #333 #rainbowtribe #oracle
Have you ever heard of someone reversing dis-ease, feeling more vibrant, thinking clearer, more #energy etc etc, from eating meat, milk, dairy, cheese, processed foods and soda?!🤔🤔choose wisely!💯💚.... ♻️@law_of_positivism Since ancient times, food it's #natural form, have been considered to be the source of #vitality and #health Each and every ingredient that you put into your mouth not only affects your body, it also affects all of your #chakras (energy centers), your mind and your #consciousness. When I dived deeper into my soul and awareness, I grew even more conscious that what could unlock all of my wondering and seeking, was the food I was eating. For example: I understood that the food itself is energy and this energy gets translated into my body. The food we eat is information and the body and mind reacts instantaneously to it. At the time I had a strong urge to cleanse my pinned gland to balance my third-eye chakra. So is started making sure that I filtered the water I was drinking, got rid of all toothpaste containing #fluoride stopped eating meat and I started having smoothies with spirulina. Beside this, I have always made sure that I eat my food intentionally and with great intentions. Eating is not an act that comes from wanting, it comes from the need that our body's cells have in order to thrive and create longevity. If you want to become more aware and #conscious , experience higher sensitivity, be in a deep state of meditation and perform physically, you HAVE to not only think of food as something that eases your senses, but also as reshaping your entire existence🌸 #healingfood #ayurveda #vegan #veganfood #rawfood #superfood #spirulina #elixir #foodchoices #forksoverknives #foodismedicine #lawofpositivism #meditation #astrology #numerology #111 #1111 #444 #222 #mindful #mindfulness #lawofattraction
🦋✨The universe is constantly sprinkling its stellar charms reminding us to be grateful, like tonight's New Moon in Aries, for instance. ♈️ This new moon is like a cosmic shot of coffee from the heavens. 💥☕️ Ruled by Mars the warrior, Aries is giving us the drive to fight for what we believe in, take initiative and make our 🐠Pisces dreams a reality. ✨ With Venus (planet of love + relationships) in Aries, the theme is "I love ME." So, before we drown ourselves in passion projects, this new moon is reminding us to love ourselves first, because without self love there is no success. ✨🙆🏻 #AriesNewMoon #NewMooninAries 🌒
Crown Chakra - Sahasrara The 7th Chakra is your link to universal consciousness. You can find enlightenment with a clear and unblocked Crown Chakra. It is associated with the colour violet. When blocked, you can experience confusion, unfocused, and the inability to function practically. Spending time in a headstand posture is an amazing way to unblock your Crown Chakra. This print is limited edition and available as 11x14" in size. Only 10 available $25 each or purchase the entire series for $150. Please comment or pm for more information.
Visit the link in the bio to shop our Cosmo Hippie collection to receive 20% off with a $10 minimum purchase. Use Code: HIPPIE & follow @cosmohippie_collection #cosmohippie_collection #love #hippielife #hippie #peace #spiritual #zen #meditation #yoga #crystalhealer #crystals #reiki #magic #wicca #ritual #pagan #flowerchild #numerology #astrology #energy #positivevibe #spirituality #shoplocal #smallbusiness #etsy #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyfinds
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