Fox News: South Carolina warns citizens of 'Lizard Man' sightings during solar eclipse. Published August 11, 2017: "The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is warning citizens in several of its counties to be vigilant of paranormal activity associated with the upcoming total solar eclipse. Considering that the eclipse is a space event, you might think the warning is simply an amusing alert to keep an eye out for UFOs, but that's really not the cast. SCEMD is being quite specific about its advice, and it's asking citizens to be wary of Lizardmen. It might sound like an April Fools' joke, but SCEMD's warning is apparently completely legitimate, as South Carolina has a history of Lizard Man sightings. The agency tweeted out a handy map of where Lizardmen have been spotted in the past along with an overlay of the path of the solar eclipse. & Charleston City Paper wrote: "Today, local artist Philip Hyman has created an eight-foot tall sculpture made of chicken wire, foam insulation, acrylic paint, and reclaimed wood and placed his sculpture at 4705 Marlboro Place. Hyman says, "When something in the news or around me is inspiring to me, I can't turn off the flow of art."
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@jerrysaltz : Well, you can understand his frustration....with Hermione leaving him and whatnot.....
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. #مدافعان_حرم یا #مدافعان_بشار؟ بازی با اعتقادات مذهبی مردم برای اهداف کثیف خودتون؟ حمایت از یک دیکتاتور خونخوار؟ فراموش نخواهیم کرد! . . بر اساس گزارشی که مرکز حقوق بشر سوریه در سپتامبر ۲۰۱۵ منتشر کرد تاکنون حدود ۱۸۶ هزار غیرنظامی در جنگ سوریه کشته‌اند که بیش از ۹۶ درصد آن‌ها توسط حکومت سوریه، ۱٫۳٪ توسط مخالفان و ۰٫۸٪ درصد توسط داعش و بقیه به دست نیروهای کرد، فتح الشام، بمباران‌های ائتلاف ضد داعش و افراد نامعلوم کشته شده‌اند. در این آمار اعلام شده که از ۵۴۶ روزنامه‌نگاری که تاکنون در سوریه کشته شده‌اند ۵۱۱ نفر به دست دولت اسد، ۱۴ نفر به دست مخالفان و ۱۴ نفر به دست داعش به قتل رسیده‌اند. ۹۹٫۵٪ موارد مرگ بر اثر شکنجه (۱۱۵۰۱ نفر) هم در زندان‌های دولت سوریه اتفاق افتاده‌اند.[۹۲] . منبع: ویکیپدیا فارسی جنگ سوریه . #euronews #cnn #bbcpersian #foxnews #notoviolence #رشت #لرستان #بندرعباس #شیراز #تبریز #کوردستان #مازندران #حسن_روحانی #کرمانشاه #مشهد #خوزستان #همدان #اراک #اصفهان #رپ_فارسی #کرمان #زاهدان
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Rustam Farrukhzad ruler of Khorasan, the son of Lieutenant Farrukh Hormuz, a prominent and resourceful and courageous commander of the Sassanian period. In 636, by the Iranian king, Yazdgerd III was the guardian of the Corps and the war to expel the Arabs. His troops fought with the Arabs under the command of the Bahman Bahariyah. In this war, the Arabs were defeated and fled.... ‍ #rezapahlavi #iran #maga #miga #freeIran #Israel #Trump #foxnews #infowars #irandeal #patriot #Netanyahu #whitehouse #ivankatrump #washington #california #newyork #Tehran #losangeles #USA #MikePence #
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The damages in Hong Kong as reportes by the media.
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