Evento de inauguración.
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Wise words from my classmate, now college president Alan Price. "Students, certainly by the time you leave Earlham and return to the “real world” many of you will begin to understand that you have developed some special abilities that many of your peers lack. These special abilities are not mentioned in the “best college” rankings but they are real. Among them are: the ability to listen in ways that transforms human relationships; a form of x-ray vision that allows you to see pathways to peace where others can only see conflict; an enhanced sense of optimism that allows you to find creative solutions where others see only obstacles; and a sense of humanity that can radiate from you like light. If I ever challenge you to, “share your light with the world,” that’s what I mean. I believe that if we recommit ourselves to the practice of consensus building and using peaceful methods to resolve conflicts, then we will have done good work together and you will carry in your heart the Earlham that so many of us alumni believe is timeless and enduring.” - taken from the inauguration speech of Earlham’s 18th president, Alan C. Price. #Earlhams18thPresident #earlhamcollege #earlham #EC #inauguration #collegelife #Repost @earlhamcollege1847
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