He loves Michael Jackson... just like his uncle and his daddy lol. Love seeing him when I get home from travel. He reminds me soo much of my brother when we were younger....Thanks for taking care of him @gzurbito #babygabriel #nephew #family #michaeljackson #justbeatit
You will alwas be a legend💖#mj#michaeljackson#25june2009
....if they Say Why,why,Tell 'em that it's human nature Why,why,does he do me that Way I like livin' this way I like lovin' this Way #mj #michael #michaeljackson #humannature #kingofpop #moonwalker #25-06#8th #thriller #tuttoéiniziatoconte #rip #thanks #grazie
8 years ago... 😭 RIP Michael Jackson 29.08.1958-25.06.2009 #MichaelJackson #ripmichaeljackson #25june2009 #8years
This is it.. 25 juin 2017.. on ne t'oublie pas.. tu es la personne qui a su me relever lorsque j'étais au plus bas.. tu es la personne que j'aime le plus dans cet univers.. tu es mon idole, tu m'as donner cette motivation de me battre, ce courage d'affronter mes peurs ! Tu es comme un père pour moi, quelqu'un présent à chaque moment, chaque instant ♡ Certaines personnes, même beaucoup de personnes, ne nous comprennes pas, nous, les Moonwalkers.. Pourquoi avoir comme idole et comme modèle une personne ne faisant plus partie de cette terre ? Pourquoi pleurer sa mort encore 8 ans Après ? Pourquoi continuer de l'écouter ? Vous êtes idiots. Complètement idiots. Avez-vous une idole ? Un exemple ? Quelqu'un que vous admirez ? Si oui, comprenez nous; nous sommes pareil. Et si non, qui êtes vous ? Qui êtes vous pour juger ? Juger de simples personnes qui idolâtre une célébrité.. vous ne pourrez jamais comprendre tout l'amour que nous donne Michael Jackson, toute la force qu'il nous donne, tout cette passion, tout ce bonheur.. Michael Jackson est sans doute la personne la plus humaine que Dieu a créé, il s'en foutait de ta couleur de peaux, de tes origines, de tes croyances, de qui tu aimais. Prenez exemple sur lui, le monde sera meilleur. Je vous en prie ne le Juger pas, renseigner vous, apprenez en un peu plus sur lui. Vous verrez, il a un passé vraiment très difficile, vraiment horrible. C'est ce qui a fait de lui cet homme fort et heureux d'avoir surmonter toutes ces épreuve. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Michael, regarde nous, regarde les Moonwalkers, regarde comme nous t'aimons ♡ Michael, je t'aime, de tout mon coeur, du plus profond de mon coeur ♡ nous ne t'oublier ont jamais, jamais. ♡ Continue de danser le Moonwalk là-haut ♡ Merci pour tout ♡ Je t'aime 🌸 #MichaelJackson #ThisIsIt #25thjune2009 #25thjune2017 #moonwalk #Moonwalker #Pray #Moon #Paradise #Innocent #Legend #King #Pop #KingOfPop #Smile #DontForget #Forget #Forever #Mjj #Mj @parisjackson @michaeljackson @princejacksonjr @janetjackson @poppa3t @jmoffettmjm God BLESS you.♡
He was too good for everything and everyone. He's more than vogue. Vogue is crying in shame, it can't compete with him.
It's been eight years since this angel returned home. 70080 hours passed by but the pain is constantly there no matter what we do. 2920 mornings we got up and struggled with the fact that our hero is dead. That he'll never come back and tell us, that he's absolutely fine and cared about us and his family the whole time. Although he's constantly caring about us, he'll never care about us in person anymore. He's watching us and especially his kids 24/7 from above. Making us laugh, smile, giggle and sometimes cry like on this sad day. But no matter what we do he'll always be there for us. We just have to call his name and he will be there. Once people told me, that the pain will pass by and I'll forget the people I lost, but this pain did not passed by as I was told. This pain is still there and I'm happy about this pain 'cause I won't forget you. You and your music taught me more than I ever could teach myself! You and your music were always there for me! You and your music saved me! THANK YOU MICHAEL FOR ALL THE THINGS YOU TAUGHT ME; THE MEMORIES YOU GAVE ME; THE THINGS YOU DID FOR ME WITHOUT KNOWING. JUST THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! Rest well hero... #RIP . . . . . [#michaeljackson #mj #mjj #kingofpop #king #hero #legend #icon #idol #love #applehead #neverland #peterpan #deathanniversary #8years #moonwalker #moonwalk #legendary #lost #miss #pain #maninthemirror #healtheworld #makethatchange #wearetheworld]
Rest in Peace Michael. When I'm writing this, it's 00:19 am, 25th June 2017 in Germany. It's unbelievable that Michael is now 8 years gone. I just can't believe that. In 2009, I had no idea who he was. Everybody on the TV talked about him and I was annoyed because he didn't interested me. I wanted to watch cartoons and all that stuff. I was 7 years old. You know, on the 26th June the German version of MTV, called "Viva", played every single music video or short film he made. Unfortunately I couldn't watch everything, but there was on song I felt in love with: Stranger in Moscow. On that day, I became a fan of him. My parents played more songs of him, so I could listen to them. The first item I got about him was the Earth Song single. I played that song the whole day. I couldn't get enough of him. And now I'm here. He's with me for 8 years now. A lot of people asked me, why I love him. A dead man, somebody who isn't that trendy today. They just don't understand. You give me strength. You are my teacher. You taught me so much. You are my teacher, I'm very grateful for that. Thank you Michael for being my childhood. I learned a lot from you. You are my hero, my idol. I will never stop being a fan of you. And even if I'll stop loving your music for reasons I can't tell, I will always love you as a person. Rest in Peace. We all miss you very much❤️ #michaeljackson #mj #mjj #kingofpop #kingofdance #kingofmusic #kingofstyle #8yearswithoutmichaeljackson #gonetoosoon #rip
Forest Lawn right now. Moonwalkers united man💗. #michaeljackson
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