{Life Changing Skincare} 💜UNBLEMISH helped me when nothing else could!!! After trying every Acne line from $$$ to $ on the market, seeing several Dermatologist and many many home remedies, I finally found something that works! Thank you to my RF bestie for introducing me to the best skin of my life. My only regret is waiting 3years to finally try. #Unblemish #AnceStrugglesSince5thGrade #LifeChangingSkincare #TeenAcne #AdultAcne #JoinUs #BestGigEver #IndustryLeader #SkinIsIn #BillionDollarBrand #WhatIf #LashBoost #RodanAndFields #NYTimes
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MIKE KILLED IT! Medicare for all? ✔️ Getting money OUT of politics? ✔️ Fighting (and leading) against climate change? ✔️ @mikelevin4congress Is a progressive candidate, with passion and the will to fight for every last person in this districts to have a living wage, a roof under their head and a government that WORKS for the people.
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Emanuela Duca Necklace // Online or In-Store // #AbersonStyle
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Looking forward to Wednesday’s #nytimes - this Ad, listing all #electedofficials (hello #ohio #senator #portman ) who have accepted NRA donations. #fromthemouthsofbabes babes- and looks like they are just getting started.
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Debate! Part of the Democratic process- in this case...literally. Democrats in the 49th debated to find out who the best candidate is to turn the 49th DEM and add more pressure to the BLUE TSUNAMI COMING in 2018!!!
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