Lyric video for 'Cell' from the new album 'The Sun Shining Cold' Watch the full video on @voodooterrortribe #voodooterrortribe #vttrocks #newalbum #thesunshiningcold #cell #adrenalinepr #skateboardmarketing
#Repost @armyofonetv ・・・ @armyofonetv interview with @machinaesupremacy at @saintvitusbar in #brooklyn #ny #comingsoon @ari__r #adrenalinepr @picturevents @iorellanaa
Very humble guys with a very impressive show! @machinaesupremacy at @saintvitusbar last night! #adrenalinepr @ari__r @armyofonetv @picturevents @iorellanaa #saintvitusbar
Music film for 'City of Sixes' from the new album 'The Sun Shining Cold' Watch the full video at @voodooterrortribe @steampunkworks @digitalthunderdome @ironalleyfilms #voodooterrortribe #vttrocks #newalbum #thesunshiningcold #cityofsixes #adrenalinepr #steampunkworks #digitalthunderdomestudios
Get in there with the fans and fkn rock with 'em 🤘🏼😈🤘🏼
One last question for you all before we blast in to 2017! Hopefully all of you know that we released our debut record 'The Damaged Ones' a few months back on @centurymedia mixed and co produced by Mr. @kanechurko! We're extremely proud of it and we'd love to know: How many of you own the record, or have streamed it? And what are your favorite songs from the record? We want to hear from ALL of you....GO!
Even though @mikey9electric & @caseydc9electric are not in this pic, the 'Not-So-Silent Night' tour was fkn amazing 🤘🏼🎅🏻🤘🏼
From the set of #cityofsixes music video. Looking forward to filming the next one in 2017... @voodooterrortribe @steampunkworks @digitalthunderdome @ironalleyfilms @mutatedsoulz #VoodooTerrorTribe / #VTTrocks // #NewAlbum // #TheSunShiningCold // #AdrenalinePR // #steampunkworks // #digitalthunderdomestudios
We played close to a 100 shows this year! We toured with amazing acts and friends in Lacuna Coil, Drowning Pool, Gemini Syndrome, Stitched Up Heart Butcher Babies & more! We hit a lot of cities, many of them multiple times. So what we want to know is: Where did you see us this year? Were you already a 9E fan or was it your first time? Where do you look forward to seeing us next year and with who? We want to hear from ALL of you.....GO!!!
CJ Pierce of @drowningpoolofficial - one of the absolute coolest motherfucker's we've ever toured with 🤘🏼😈🤘🏼Photo by @realityswims
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