Just want to take a moment to wish this lovely human I call my best friend the happiest of birthdays. From our days of going out to bars, falling asleep at the library studying late, pushing each other at the gym and to our epic outdoor adventures, I am overly grateful to have you in my life. It is only appropriate that the line we are singing is “whenever you’re around I always seem to smile” because we are literally always laughing when we are together. I love you and I can’t wait to create more memories together. And also, thanks for not being jealous of food, my true best friend because I know you feel the same way. 😂❤️
4 minutes ago
This morning I took a sunrise plane ride into the mountains with @romanceyourwild. We saw the most amazing mountains peaks over Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake. We were on route to Lake Louise, but we hit some turbulence. I’ve taken a fair share of commercial plane rides, but turbulence in a four person plane is more intense than being inside tumble dryer. There was a few moments where we experienced Zero G and I saw my GoPro floating beside my head. Jay and I have never felt so sick in our lives, so we cut the flight short. For the sake of my stomach and the safety of everyone else I’m flying with, I’m taking Gravol before my next flight.
3 minutes ago
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