Speaking and listening are two of the most interactive ways that we communicate. Besides putting out positive vibes, speaking positive words with your voice and being supportive emotionally with your ears helps you develop relationships that will be much stronger than friendships of the past. Learn to use your voice and allow others to use theirs!! Have a great day.Vibrate higher, cheers😁😁 . 👣Follow @manifestationman Sigma @manifestationman Seguir @manifestationman #manifestationman . 🎥credit @jegdiamante . . #iamablessing #attitudeofgratitude #highvibetribe #beherenow #meditateeverydamnday #selflovejourney #subconciousmind #thankyouuniverse #godisgreat #unity #awareness #synchronicity #peace #knowthyself #healing #meditation #selflove #iam #lawofattraction #432hz #manifest #namaste #love #spiritual #positivevibes #raisingvibrations #universe #jegdiamante #zapasaventures
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Teething baby essentials 🙌🏻 . New Bunny Ear Teethers & matching Drool Bibs are up on the site! // Link in bio.
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Dateline 1997: "In my own time I'll have my say My star will shine 'cause you see me I got my Magic Pie" - @Oasis, Magic Pie #TuesdayTunes #NationalPieDay
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The deepest love is that which allows the focus of it to flow, and gives it vitality. Auction currently live 1 post back 💙💙🌼 @questglass 🌼💙💙••• Thank you ••• Thank you ••• Thank you ••• Enjoy wearing my emotions
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For all of you that need extra prayers and love💜✨listen to this beautiful song by Jewel💜Angel Standing By All through the night, I'll be standing over you And all through the night, I'll be standing over you And through the bad dreams, I'll be right there baby Telling you everything is gonna be alright And when you cry, I'll be there baby Telling you you're never nothing Less than beautiful So don't you worry, I'm your angel standing by. @tinatrudden 💜
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was super bummed @railroadearth was cancelled on friday, but still grateful to have spent the day in tahoe anyway. i felt like shit that day honestly but decided to try really hard to focus on the little things. the fresh crisp air, snow!, taking a moment to sit and meditate here at fallen leaf lake- and opening my eyes to this view with a new sense of clarity and gratitude. followed by sushi for dinna :). ° ° #gratefulheart #laketahoe #fallenleaflake #beherenow
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In honor of my return to Sunshine Grove this year ☀️🌺🎶🤘🏼🌀#BeHereNow #intotheportal
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9 months on the outside have gone by a heck of a lot faster than the 9 months it took to cook him, I can tell you that. 😳 Griffin is growing like a weed, yell-jabbering at anyone that will listen and giving his dad and I 10-12 heart attacks per day. Oh yeah- and he’s standing on his own. It’s wobbly, but it’s happening. So that’s great. (And by “great,” I mean terrifying.) Happy 9 months, stud muffin! ❤️😘
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Making time to make space 🧜🏼‍♀️ I tend to juggle a lot during the week with work, teaching and parenthood. In some seasons of life I’ve allowed the busy-ness to overwhelm me yet I’ve discovered that a few minutes in stillness or flowing from plank to downward dog can be enough on those busy days to bring me back to center. So sometimes my practice is like this, in a quiet place I find during one of my children’s activities 😉 If anyone would like Girl Scout cookies, let me know 🍪 #thisismyyoga #practice #breathe #loveandalliscoming #slowdown #beherenow #enjoythejourney #ease #sweetness #tuesday #beyourself #trusttheprocess
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