A little pied wagtail on a roof in #stpierrelafeuille today #birdsofinstagram #natureoftheday
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A big Thank You to a local business Hyde Park Feed & Country Store on Gainsborough Rd for their support. They have allowed us to sell our Catnip toys and Catnip bunnies in their store and raised $119.for our rescue kitties. #supportlocal #hollyshopecatrescue #ldnont #hydepark #smallbusiness #rescuefriendly #birdhouses #cider #canadianmade #birdfeeders #birdsofinstagram #petfood #grasseeds #somethingforeveryone #eastershopping
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Screen capture of a woodland kingfisher watching over a crocodile bait by @jake4hollis with @thesafarisofgraham
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Kaua`i `Elepaio Sadly, the Hawaiian islands are a case study for extinction of flora and fauna: how 200 years of human colonization drove the majority of the native species into extinction. Among this mess, the Kaua`i `Elepaio is probably one of very few species which has an increasing trend in population thanks to their increased immunity towards avian malaria spread by mosquitoes brought by, guess who... humans. We found this juvenile bird following us curiously along the Pihea trail, which was an other-worldly experience: normally tiny birds tend to go hide when they feel our presence. The `Elepaio is a monarch flycatcher endemic to these islands and was split into three different species in 2010: Hawaiʻi, O'ahu and the Kauaʻi `Elepaio. Thanks to our guide and veteran birder, Jim Denny, from whom we learned a ton about birds and plants of the region. Nikon D7100, 500mm f/4G VR, 500mm, 1/500, f4, ISO 900 (+0.70 in post-processing) - September, 2016
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