Who says your pocket square has to match your tie? #pocketsquare #breaktherules #mensstyle #mensfashion #fredandwini #luxary
12 minutes ago
Coming back again & again to trusting my deepest longings & my soul callings, even when they seem to contradict what is popular & what is expected. I am shedding identities that no longer serve me, letting go of roles I used to play that no longer give me life. ••• Yes, there is pain in letting go, in uprooting things that have lived in me so long. But there is even more pain in staying in a role I have outgrown. And, as I uproot the old, I fill the gaps with tremendous love. I till the soil, plant new seeds, & make space for new biodynamic flowers to grow 🌱🌸 #doyouboo #breaktherules #freedom
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You cant let other people tell you Who You Are, You have to decide that for yourself. . . #makeyourownrules #breaktherules #turningpoints#dimlight#brave #dontcareattitude #flowlikewater #definingmoments#beera#nomoreexplanations
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#breaktherules Don't be afraid to fail. Anything I’ve ever attempted, I was always willing to fail. So you can’t always win, but don’t afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do. A.S.
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Each QLOCKTWO Watch is expertly assembles in the state of the art facilities in Schwäbisch Gmund, the home of Qlocktwo, but you don’t need to go to Germany, we have them right here in #SYDNEY
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Not only as an expression of time for your wall, the Qlocktwo watch comes in 35mm and 39mm and a wide selection of case and strap materials
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Not always the funnest way to learn but still important...In the midst of cookie baking, they are so crumbly but I hope they still taste good. Remember the good old days where you could make a batch of cookies for fun and accidentally eat half the batch (plus half the dough while making it) and you would just move on with your life and not care and barely even get a stomachache. I hate that adults look at cookies with disdain wondering whether they should reach out and consume those delicious calories. I hate that I think about that sometimes. There’s gotta be balance, but what does that mean? : : Nervous about my test so I ate 2 bowls of cereal and some trail mix. : : #selflove #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #selflovequotes #dowhatyoulove #inspire #goldenmundane #happinessproject #radicalselflove #bumpthesystem #breaktherules #happy #trustGod #selfloveclub #goodvibes #positivevibes #quotes #selfcare #betterthings #goodthoughts #keepmovingforward #wildflowers
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Sabe aquela característica sua que vc não gosta muito 😔, gasta uma energiiiiia pra mudar 📴 e daqui a pouco sem se dar conta PUUUTZ 😣 ta lá fazendo a MESMA coisa de novo?! Sabe?! Já tentou olhar pra ela com outros olhos 👀, de outro ângulo ↖️, sem um pré julgamento ⚖️? Sei lá, dizem que todo mundo merece uma 2a chance. ⚐♻️ E se talvez (e aqui é bem talvez MESMO, é um convite pra investigar 🕵️🔍) essa característica bem canalizada em outras atitudes, com outras pessoas (❓), nao possa se tornar uma GRANDE aliada, um talento a ser lapidado 💎. A astrologia me trouxe essa percepção de que algo em princípio "ruim" pode ser muito bom e a gente ta na bad dando mole. 😵😷🤓 Gosto de exemplos: eu tento me policiar por ser over detalhista e falar muuuito 🗣️ (pensa em audios longos 🔇), o que muitas vezes cansa o interlocutor 😅. Porém (ah! Porém) essa característica é muito bem vinda quando vou trabalhar com artesanato (detalhes sao imensos)🖌️, com escrita 📝, ou pra explicar algo novo a alguem. O que me ocorreu é: talvez nao existam "fraquezas", mas apenas fortalezas não bem canalizadas e/ou desenvolvidas (filosofei, agora 😄). O MESMO vale para pessoas. 👫👬👭 Já pensou?! 🤔 (no início achei que a foto ia ter a ver com o texto, agora nem acho mais, mas gostei dela, vou deixar mesmo assim #breaktherules #fodase) #filosofei #estivepensando #astrologia #insight #mudeofoco
5 hours ago
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