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“I’m half cuddling and half pouting after the human and I had another ‘come to Jesus meeting’ after I snapped at his hand twice when he took my leash off. Happened the other day when I snapped at his hand over some treats. I’m not really sure what the human’s problem is. They’re my treats and it’s my leash.” -Crockett, probably ———- Any suggestions? Crockett just started growling at us whenever we take his leash off a couple weeks ago. We’ve been trying positive reinforcement and distracting him with treats but it’s not been very successful. Obviously, the treats come back to his resource guarding issues, which have gotten much worse in the last month-plus. We’re working hard with our trainer but he’s scared and distrustful of pretty much everything. The trainer thinks it comes back to the humane society that we got him from. They said he was 8 weeks old when we got him and thought he’d grow to 35 lbs. He’s now 70 lbs and looking back at the pictures, we think he was 4-5 weeks old when we got him - he was about 6 or 7 lbs. That means he was separated from his mother and siblings (save one sister that was also at the humane society) at 2 weeks old, at most. This probably led to his lack of trust and basic dog-to-dog socialization. We’re working hard, about 10 hours of various training a week (agility or nose works, reactive dog class, loose leash, basic obedience, running, and resource guarding) but we’re not seeing great progress and are open to trying anything new. ———— #dog #doggo #dogtraining #reactivedogs #reactivedogsunite #resourceguarding
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Good night! Also, thanks to my fun and sweet puppy sitters for the weekend! 💛
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