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9 minutes ago
Here we are in the #tropics of #fortlauderdale surrounded by #palmtrees and #urban debris. We are back in #newyorkcity now, back in the cold. Maybe a lot of things are wrong with #Florida, but not the weather in February. Oh and something else: the #metoo movement makes me excited to be #alive. I have been fighting #sexism my whole life and it is never-ending. Every shout of outrage deserves to be heard, because the thing we are fighting is enormous: male power is huge. Patriarchy has been random in its decisions, and deliberately awful plenty. It even elected #donaldtrump and what could be more ridiculous? The women who are pushing back against #metoo are just telling men what they want to hear. You know the type. They are collaborators. Shame on them. #fight the #power always. And be good to #dogs.
59 seconds ago
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