Dolphin kisses give me porpoise. #badpuns #dreamscomingtrue
39 minutes ago
New flyers arrived today, now to showcase and get more backers, we have had some incredible news that will commence after the successful IndieGoGo campaign finishes, visit, support and share please and thank you more than you can imagine.
3 hours ago
Does this quote sting? • It did for me the first time I heard it. Yeee-ouch! Normally when I hear someone tell me to “modify my dreams” or “minimize my expectations,” I stop listening. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. • But this is different. Here, you have a choice. Modify Your Dreams OR Magnify Your Skills. I’ll take the latter. • If you have read this far, I know that you’re serious about your career and your future. Modifying YOUR dream is not an option. • So, let’s magnify the heck out of those skills. This is where I come in. Work with me and I will have you on a plan so solid, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t DM me sooner. @realandrewwalsh • Join the conversation - leave a comment below :-)
4 hours ago
Bianca's Boyfriend💯🇲🇽😈🤙"I've been dealing with these blessings that I can't ignore" Making My Mom Proud💯🇲🇽🇲🇽 #GrowingEachDay #LivingLife #Lifestyle #ContinueToGrow #DreamsComingTrue
5 hours ago
year of dog x national day of margarita #dreamscomingtrue 📷 @jackibee__
6 hours ago
MOVING DAY!!! We rented a storage locker around the corner from the shop and now will have quick organized access and can set this shop up to its full potential 😍😍😍 #newshop #woodstorage #organized #efficient #happy #dreamscomingtrue #sothankfulforthehelp
10 hours ago
I dont even know how to explain how awesome last night was. I was asked by @secondcityhollywood to be a part of their set at the J/K Comedy club at Dreamworks studios. I got to perform with people I love and admire in front of Dreamworks executives (the President of Dreamworks was there yall) and Second City showed up and showed out. Im in awe of everyones talent. Yes to excellence in 2018!! #secondcity #hollywood #actresslife #singer #improv #comedians #dreamworks #dreamscomingtrue #excellence #hustle #blackactress #blackgirljoy
10 hours ago
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