We often beat ourselves up for things that we have said or done in the past. We can't go back in time and change what happened. But we can forgive ourselves, and live a happier future. Also, the future hasn't happened yet. So instead of stressing about what could go wrong. Get excited about what could go right. #life #forgiveness #past #future #bekindtoyourself #lifecoach
What Is The Holy #Communion? The Holy Communion, known also as the Lord’s Supper, represents the greatest expression of God’s #love for His people. Two items are used in the Holy Communion—the bread which represents Jesus’ body that was scourged and broken before and during His crucifixion, and the cup which represents His shed blood. When Jesus walked on earth, He was vibrant, and His body was full of life and health. He was never #sick. But before #Jesus went to the cross, He was badly scourged by the Roman soldiers, and His body was torn as He hung on the cross. At the #cross, God also took all our sicknesses and diseases and put them on Jesus’ originally perfect and #healthy body, so that we can walk in divine health. That is why the Bible says by His stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24). In Luke 22:20, Jesus tells us that the cup is the “new covenant in My blood”, and the apostle Paul tells us that the blood of Jesus brings #forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:14, Ephesians 1:7).
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************ 📌📌 Christian Husband, Active Servant of God, Called to Teach, Preach, Encourage, & Share Jesus Christ. 🔥🔥🔥 . »» 👉(By Gregg) 👉 some Christians have been told by peers, leaders, that the enrolling of the Holy Ghost is NOT a distinct event in the the "birthing process" of the New Born in Christ Jesus... They are not telling the whole truth.. PLEASE go and read the Book of Acts from the AKJV Word of God.. Don't take my word for it, as it can has false undertones.. BUT THE WORD OF GOD IS ABSOLUTE. Do not allow others to convince you that the Holy Ghost was meant only for the Early Church.. That makes no sense.. We are entering the days of time that is more evil than ALL other times of this world... You and I MUST have the power from on high so that we too can fight the fight, run the race, and mostly..... To finish the course full of God and Heaven-Ready. Without the Power of God, Holy Ghost, how can one even stand??..... . . °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° 📍📍•• ❤️ Jesus Christ •/• ❤️ my beautiful wife 📍📍 . #bible #bibleverse #christ #christlike #christian #christianity #church #encouragement #endtimes #faith #faithful #forgiveness #god #godisgood #godisgreat  #godfirst #grace # ************ .
When ppl say to you, love doesn't hurt you, it will never strike you, or cause pain. They are right. BUT love's adversary, fear, will! All while LOVE is watching. (The Father)(The cross)Fear has the ability to destroy you, IF YOU DON'T know LOVE. So when you are given the one whom God has chosen for you, and you know it. EXPECT fear to attempt to roll in. It's coming to play on every weakness you have all the way back to birth. It will attempt to shape how you think, therefore shaping your perception of ppl, situations, circumstances and more. Fear gets u to such a state of ..wait for it..BELIEF! Belief in things that GOD NEVER SAID would happen. Those "what ifs" become real to you. And we all know what believe is what you will see. But LOVE, is POWERFUL. There is nothing you can do to escape Love. No matter what you doing right/wrong LOVE IS THERE! U will never be able to put love in the box of un forgiveness, hate, justification of wrong, or fear! They cannot dwell in the same place. Love isn't DEFINED by how you feel! U can't make up your own definition of what God ALREADY DEFINED. He gave u a chapter of Love's character! No where in it does it describe an EMOTION. It rest on truth, strength, loyalty. Now I'm talking to those who are believers in Christ. It's hard because we have to deal with our soulish realm(mind will emotions) to filter out the truth. Get past our old mindsets about love, which handles our will, and sets our emotions in place. Stop running! Quitting on what you know God said. If u don't know then stand still and listen to HIM so u will know. Moral of the story "perfect(unconditional)love cast out fear" they cannot dwell together less chaos ensues. Now when come to the knowledge of truth! Then you can begin again. #celebrityministry #love #forgiveness #purpose #relationships101 #ministry #chrianna
If you are carrying the weight of past hurts around, here is a great way to let them go. Write the offense, the pain or even the name of the person on a piece of paper, pray and give it to God. Then, put the pieces of paper in a fire and watch your burdens burn away. 🔥Be free and watch as God takes those ashes and turns them into something beautiful. The symbolism is powerful, it's time you were set free. #freedom #fire #GiveItUp #Forgiveness #Grace #MovingForward #Don'tWorry #LetItGo #Pain #PeaceLoveAndSarah
Repost from @nataliegrant 🌟✨🌟 My beautiful twin girls are home from camp. And they are overflowing from head to toe. As they've downloaded all that has happened in their hearts, the tears have poured down my cheeks at the faithfulness and goodness of God. My momma heart is bursting with gratitude that the Holy Spirit has grabbed ahold of my babies and set their hearts ablaze. And a massive THANK YOU to all of our @thebelongingco @tbco_kids family that have poured their hearts and lives in to all of our kids this week. Thank you for loving, serving, teaching, praying and building. What you are sowing into these kids will reap a massive harvest in the generation to come. You're all legends! #gospel #quotesforlife #catolicos #quotestags #ouryouth #happynewmonth #righteousness #quotesofinstagram #worldchangers #biblequote #lawofattraction #forgiveness #positive #ilovemychurch #jesusrules #mygodisawesome #wellwateredwomen #worshiphim #journalingbible #bethel
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