I was super thrilled to be featured for this. Also, shirt by @moderncompassion. Repost @vegansofnewyorkcity ・・・ 7 years ago, Rebecca Brooks (@veganforreals) asked her best friend why he had been a vegan for so many years. "He showed me a video called 'Meet Your Meat' and I knew that my relationship with food would forever be changed. There is no way I could go on being complicit in harming animals." 🐔🐣🐮🐷 "I work at a tech company called @animoto that makes it easy to create marketing videos for social media. I've worked with the vegan brand @rescuechocolate, along with non-profits like the @janegoodallinst and local animal shelters. Video was what made me go vegan, and I love helping vegan businesses and animal-friendly organizations in that same way. Showing them how they can change hearts and minds with video is something I love doing." 💡 • Favorite veg book? "I just finished The Humane Economy by the CEO of @humanesociety, Wayne Pacelle. I think a vegan mainstream society will happen not for altruistic purposes but because consumers are making more compassionate choices and corporations will see the demand for more humane practices, products and options. I think capitalism will guide us to a more humane economy because businesses will see the profit therein. This book really highlighted this idea I've always had in a very compelling, thoughtful way." 💸 • Favorite NYC vegan eats? @blossom.nyc 🌷 • Favorite veg organization? Locally: @humaneleaguenyc 🌱 Globally: @mercyforanimals 🐾🐄🐓 #nycvegan #vegansofig #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegansofny #vegansofnyc #vegansofnewyork #vegansofnewyorkcity #newyorker #humansofnewyork #humansofny #vegangirl #plantbasedathlete #veganathlete #veganfit #veganfitness #whatveganslooklike #vegansofig #veganfortheanimals
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Last #humansofnewyork portrait study. That scarf looks really cozy ☺️🌡️️. It was a fun exercise I tried different styles and brushes 🎨 #humansofnewyork #digitalart #digitalpainting #drawing #drawingoftheday #photoshop #kylebrush #humans #realpeople #ny #scarf #winter #cozy
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NYC Street Photography
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Frozen in action ❄️🏙️
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Trigger warning: self-harm . . . . . . . . . This is the seventh photo in my photo project "In the Shadows." To read the backstory on my project, check out my post six photos back where I explain it :) ."What is something you feel like you can't talk about and why is that?" "Self-harm. There is too much immediately gleaned from disclosing that I self-harm to make myself understood judiciously. I’m afraid it endangers other people’s opinions of me, even if I mention it in appropriate conversation. I don’t even tell friends the truth when they ask me where I get my scars from. I’m afraid they’ll be disappointed in me. It’s difficult to talk about because self-harm embodies a point of contradiction between acting in accordance with the inconsequentiality of being alive, and that being alive, is, in itself, the thing that necessitates self-care. Even the names self-harm and self-care are contradictory – the terms themselves are coined to be fundamentally at odds. But for me, the two are integrated, and I think other people are capable of understanding this upon consideration. Even the ways that people neglect themselves in their ordinary lives resembles self-harm. Plenty of people don’t eat during the day because they have to get ‘so much done’ and gloat as if the starvation itself represents strength of character. And it’s also not even that different from going for a run and pushing myself. The only thing setting self-harm apart from other harm-of-self is that it’s not ‘for’ anything other than therapy. It’s not so I can get work done, and it doesn’t get me a nice butt the way that running does. It’s just a means of coping with the sometimes-crippling psychological weight of being alive.
But I’m fine."
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