I'm evolving ✨ πŸŒ‘πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜πŸŒ‘ ...At the end of the month, we will experience a #SuperBlueMoon – the first Blue Moon #totallunareclipse in 150 years (in the Americas). In the sign of Leo, this magical moon will radiate the Lioness’ strength, pride, and undeniable heart-centered presence. I hope this images encourages you to share your own light and let the best of who you are warm, and inspire, the world around you. If you would like to signup as a Sage Goddess Affiliate for FREE and start to earn commissions on gems, magical and sacred items that you are excited to share with your network. Simply click link below and add the screensaver to your cart for a FREE download. As you register a new account select your level as Affiliate and enter REF #646 to be on my team of #lightworkers and #goddesses, #spiritual mystics and #gypsys. Check your email and download the full resolution and become part of the SG community! Seriously... Start earning cash towards more magic! Questions or comments? Ask below! Start sharing the magic and earn while doing what you love! #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritual #healthyself #energywork #energyhealing #reiki #reikihealing #gemstones #gem #newage #witch #wiccan #whitewitch #pagan #lunareclipse #januaryfullmoon #moon #moongoddess #hippie #gypsy #gypsysoul #sisters #moonsister
8 days ago
Get ready to be transported into bliss at our next tribal-themed Full Moon Sacred Circle. πŸŒšπŸŒ” Beautiful Wild Women...come and connect to the powerful Full Moon energy, dance freely and let loose to the sound of the beating drum, let all the darkness leave you now and connect to your deepest most authentic truth. Feel whatever you feel, you are fully encouraged to be whoever you are! Enter your heart, leave your mind at home for a while✨ Join us on Sunday 28th January between 5pm-8pm at Women + Health Well-being Centre @ 4 Carol St, Camden Town, London, NW1 OHU βœ‹πŸ½ Purchase tickets in description ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 #wild #wildwoman #london #fullmoon #january2018 #januaryfullmoon #sacredspace #yoga #yogalondon #dance #dancelondon #sacredcirclelondon #holdingspace #londonevents #spiritualsisters #womenscircle #holistichealth #holisticlifestyle #meditationlondon #mindbodysoul
9 days ago
just realized we have a blue moon this month! it's kinda cool haha - #bluemoon #onceinabluemoon #fullmoon #calander #january #januaryfullmoon #januarybluemoon #doublefullmoon #twofullmoons #moon
10 days ago
β€œDon’t swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.” -W.S 🌚
10 days ago
So there was a stunning full moon last week; New Year's Day infact.. I tried to photograph it in Henley, with limited success.. Just as I was about to give up on catching it & almost home, I looked up & saw this .. Luckily it was a quiet road so could pull over & snap...This image still doesn't quite do it justice, though nevertheless as the January Wolf Moon was a Supermoon, I still wanted to share ❀️ #JanuaryFullMoon #Supermoon #WolfMoon #CuspBaby #Lunar
12 days ago
I'll be posting here (at least) every Monday this year, and with it, a reflection, or just something corny. Lately I've been thinking about social media after giving up Facebook for 2018 (mind you, I'll still check my artist page monthly). When giving something up, it's good to know your reasons for doing it. Will it enrich your life? Will your quality of life improve? Will you be more productive and healthy away from these "things"? These are good questions to ask. Social media is a way for us to connect and communicate, though often I run into an excess of information I don't need. Most times it seems like people are speaking TO me and not conversing WITH me. It's why I prefer in-person communication and actually hearing inflection in one's voice -there's just something organic about that. Now, would I manage a Facebook page for a job? Sure, but for me, life feels more like my own without one. I prefer instagram to other platforms. I'm not taking a million selfies on snapchat, and I don't have any current offers to post work in a gallery, so this is a great platform for me to use right now. I like connecting on here, although if you unfriend someone on the web, or block them, that's like the fastest way to end a "friendship" to date. (I'd compare it to "ghosting", which I'm really not fond of.) There's always a different reason why for everyone, whether it's for page stats (some auto third party apps are way too demanding of followers and will auto-unfollow users), feeling overwhelmed following too many people, or maybe that friendship has sailed and you don't need to know about their life. Not one reason or reaction is the same for one person. We absorb and experience things differently. Some people hurt for a while, others move on in seconds. So, ask yourself the hard questions. What can you do to make life feel more like your own? Is there something you need to stop doing to create a better life? Try on others shoes once in a while, metaphorically. Think about why you may feel a specific way from something instead of continuing to participate in it. Happy Monday. Here's a shot from the Full Wolf Moon πŸŒ•.
13 days ago
Can we talk about this GORGEOUS full moon we had on January 1st. The Wolf Moon-so beautiful. Haven't posted a Moon picture in a while. WHOS READY FOR THE JANUARY BLUE MOON?! πŸŒ’πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸŒ•πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ˜ #mooncrushmonday #mooncrusheveryday #fullmoon #january #januaryfullmoon #wolfmoon #2018 #mcm #mce #gorgeous #photography #finepixs #fijifilm
13 days ago
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