Happy belated Birthday @drandallblythe (Feb. 21)!!! You want to talk about resilience? This man should not be alive today in 2017 after all the shit he's been through. From rampant drug addiction to immense depression, this dude rose above all of that, and ultimately prevailed. I never talk about my personal life much, but last year, I had one of the lowest points ever. There were many days where I felt I just couldn't get out of bed and be a productive human being. The feelings of isolation and inadequacy had driven me insane it seemed, and I really didn't have an outlet to vent the frustration and problems that were eating at me. That being said, I heard Mr. Blythe talk about his life and overcoming adversity, and as cliche as it sounds, his messages of positivity gave me hope. Further, I went from feeling alone to instantly resonating with him, and that was amazing! I started intently listening to his music, and believe me, it got me through a lot of tough shit (I'd fervently listen to Lamb of God in times of pure wretchedness and apprehension). I even purchased his memoir Dark Days, which I have yet to finish. All in all, I became a huge fan of Randy Blythe both as a musician and as a person, and I can definitely affirm that he yields a great positive influence on my life. With all of this in mind, I just wanted to sincerely thank you, Mr. Blythe!! You're a fucking legend!!!!
Walk me out of here.. I'm in pain..
Pedazo de salto..... #lambofgod #band #metalhead #metal
How could I not want to lift heavy as fuck today with these playing back to back to back and so on??!! 💪💪💪🔥 . . . #lift #lifting #liftheavyshit #heavymusicheavylifting #allthegains #hatebreed #pantera #slipknot #lambofgod #chimaira
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