Recently I’ve watched a documentary on YouTube called “resonanz” where it was about the power of our heart energy. Then I found a great article I’d like to share with you. ͏ ͏͏ ...”Heart energy encompasses the concepts of unconditional love, surrender, and peace. It is the power to heal, to create your future, and to change the world. It is a common mistake to think that heart energy is merely the emotion of love. It goes beyond thinking loving thoughts or imagining how much you love something or someone. It is connecting with the essence of who you are.” ͏ Find the link for the full text in the comments below👇🏼͏ ͏ Have a great day & much love 😉💕
40 minutes ago
Be calm, be in control. #thegentlemenssaclub
46 minutes ago
We need to protect the kids of this country, not with guns but with stricter gun control laws and programs for mental health!
1 hour ago
Wanna know the secret to feeling great?! Well, we the Chill Seekers have all the answers! There is a plethora of physical and mental benefits that come with the Wim Hof Method, and we are going to bring it to you! Check out our website for information and more details about our Australian Tour 🇦🇺❄️🔥 @cool.not.cold
1 hour ago
Sometimes immersing myself in darkness brings such sense of calmness back, away from being in constant bombardment of excessive stimulation and pollution of any kind. ☘️ right here I can be still and see. #darkness #calm #listentoyourheart #孤独是会上瘾的
1 hour ago
Here am I, three weeks living the life of a real Australian. Sometimes when you say yes to your passions and manifest your intentions as well as to connect more with your intuition, you may experience some moments of fear or doubts. But the feeling you will get once you passed these moments can only be positive, and a moment of growth in your life experience. So my little tip here, coming from a girl that keeps making #BigBoldMoves... Keep on believing in YOU every damn day! ❤️
2 hours ago
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