Amethyst love 💜 these tiny polished crystals help balance out your daily highs and lows by promoting emotional centering. They are beneficial to calming the mind and stimulating tranquility when needed. Love these powerful lil things 🔮
I am curious to see if anyone can interpret my natal chart. Can you see how much of a walking contradiction I am? 😂 Also my Saturn is conflicting and I also have the mark on my right hand of "the ring of Saturn." True loner at heart that never sticks to anything long enough for it to be successful. How am I going to be given all this Earth energy and a little water and then BAM, here's a little air to switch things up a bit...?
I'm trying to decide on how to give my page a more cohesive theme. Also I've decided I'm buying this crystal ball when I go back home. 🖤💀🕷️
That's it we are back, enjoying our first #spring in #Hamburg, after 10 years. Everything is popping, blossoming and tweeting...we love it...🌸🌸🌸
ƬᖇEE HOᑌᔕE ᗪᖇEᗩᗰZ 🌲🏠🌲
It is that euphoric present moment you experience where past and future sieze to exist. It is then you realize a feeling can rule the world. 🌠❤️ #gratitude #spirituality #spirit #euphoric #moment #life #heart #love #compassion #starseed #intuition #warrioroflight #moonchild #introvert #beaitiful #eckharttolle
Photo session of new chokers being added to the shop later today ! I've been excited to share with you guys these cuties! On a tied vegan friendly brown choker chord. I have some in Carnelian, Amethyst, Moonstone and Aqua Chalcedony ❤️🌿🌻 Also doing a crystal update tonight too! 😍 I'm planning on releasing everything at 8pm EST! Also yes this is me for those wondering lol, I hardly show my face on here.
Everyone's timeline is different, so take the time to enjoy every season! #namaste #wanderlust #moonchild #gemini #havecourageandbekind #keepstepping #louderforthepeopleintheback #blessed
The healing power of the moon ☽ ✨ #moonchild #stargazing 😊
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