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Thereโ€™s a long stretch of road, #Highway50 to be exact, given the beautiful name #theloneliesthighway . Iโ€™ve driven that road close to 10 times, with each being itโ€™s own personal adventure. I state all this with that grandiose tone because highway 50 is a road that has a way of expanding your mind, it brings on a n introspection that I believe that only #bigskies and big distances can. On this particular trip I was gifted a #moonrise on the horizon, at what seemed to be an endless straight line of single lane highway in front and behind me. A stretch so long you could see a car coming from 20miles away in either direction. Thereโ€™s something freeing about being out there on a dark night with the moon just peaking over the horizon, giving you a happy greeting and indication that, โ€œno this road doesnโ€™t go on forever...but without my light it sure as shit seemed like it did... didnโ€™t.โ€ #paulwinnerphotography #nightsky #nightphotography #starynight #panoramas #nevada
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