Ya llevan un par de semanas en mi videoteca, pero no me había dado por subirlas hasta hoy... Bueno, que decir, solo he visto el episodio I y hace como 16 años, así que podría decirse que las compré a ciegas, aunque el que en muchos sitios estuvieran descatalogadas ya, y que sean steelbooks, tuvo una gran influencia. La verdad es que están bastante bien traídas, aunque hubieran quedado más redondas de contar con más extras. #starwars #thephantommenace #attackoftheclones #revengeofthesith #anewhope #theempirestrikesback #returnofthejedi #georgelucas #dvd #bluray #mycollection #blurayaddict #bluraycollection #moviejunkie #moviebuff #instamovie #filmstagram #moviegram #scifi
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Went to the neurologist and was given a bunch of "I don't knows" and other bullshit so the wife dropped me off at the pawn shop. #themack #mrperfect #curthenning #wwe #wcw #wwf #wrestling #professionalwrestling #wrastlin #dvd #blaxploitation #moviejunkie #moviecollector
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Under one month to go before #AAAthefilm hits #cinemas! We're #excited. How excited are you? Get ready! 🎉 🎉 🎉 #itsneverjustagig
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It's about that time! @lololovesfilms is here with their DVD stash and this week it's all about director Matthew Vaughn in honor of @kingsmanmovie coming out Friday! Give them a follow & check out what they're sharing this week! . . Matthew Vaughn has made a ton of great movies. In honor of this week's sequel to an unexpected gem from 2015, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," we decided to share some of Vaughn's other titles that we have in our collection. First up, we have "Layer Cake," the sharp gangster drug thriller and debut feature of Matthew Vaughn. Daniel Craig shines in this underrated movie with lots of violence, bad language, and nudity. Next, we have "Stardust," which we try to recommend to as many people as possible. This is an overlooked, under-appreciated fantasy with a tremendous cast, an interesting adventure, and a really solid story. If you've not seen this one, give it a chance. Finally, we have "Kingsman: The Secret Service." As we mentioned, we had no idea this movie would make our best of the best list the year it came out. It has everything action lovers want: over the top violence, a hefty amount of nifty gadgets, and a tongue-in-cheek satire on the spy thriller genre as a whole. Taron Edgerton is a star in the making, and veterans Colin Firth and Mark Strong really make this a fun ride. Are you planning on seeing the sequel to "Kingsman" this weekend? What are your favorite Matthew Vaughn movies?
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In the fall of 1989 while filming Mo' Better Blues, Spike Lee began making notes for Jungle Fever. In the opening frame of the film, a dedication photo of Yusef K. Hawkins appears. He was an African-American teenager who was shot and killed in Bensonhurst in 1989. A mob of mostly Italian-American males attacked Hawkins after hearing a rumor that a girl from their neighborhood was dating a black guy. Spike based Nicholas Turturro's character Vinny on Joseph Fama, the man convicted of murder in the Hawkins case. He named Angie Tucci after his childhood closest friend Louie Tucci, who was his teammate for stickball in the schoolyard. He gave John Turturro's character Paulie elements of Louie Tucci's personality●During filming, caterers thought Samuel L. Jackson was a derelict. They kept trying to get him away from the buffet table until they were told by Spike that he was a member of the cast. Jackson has talked openly about his own real life drug addiction in the past●This was both Queen @queenlatifah Latifah & Halle @halleberry Berry's film debut. Berry didn't bathe for 2 weeks in preparation for her role as Vivian●Illeana @illeanarama Douglas & Gina @ginagershon Gershon filmed scenes as Angie's neighbors but the scenes were cut●During a scuffle in Paulie's store, a man can be seen reading a newspaper with a front headline that reads "Doin' The Right Thing"●Read the comments for the rest of the trivia ☆ #Movies #Films #Movie #Film #Cinephile #Cinema #MovieBuff #FilmBuff #MovieNerd #FilmNerd #MovieGeek #FilmGeek #MovieAddict #FilmAddict #MovieMania #FilmJunkie #MovieJunkie #FilmFanatic #MovieFanatic #FilmMaking #MovieMaking #FilmMaker #ILoveMovies #MovieLover #MovieLovers #FilmMania #CinePhileCommunity #FilmDirectors #FilmDirector #90sMovie
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