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Not many people know this about me, but I've been in the middle of 2 shootouts in my life. Well, I wasn't doing the shooting, I was practising doing the 100 yard dash, lol! In The 2nd occurrence the shooter was only 2ft away from me blasting away at his target. However, both times, I made it out unscathed. This wasn't a daily thing like some people experience, but it happened. I guess I ponder this, because I feel fortunate to be here today. Grateful I get to breathe this life giving air and eat healthy replenishing food. I'm grateful to have such wonderful friends that I've sustained such long lasting relationships with. And the new friends I've met in my journey who've welcome me with open arms, I am grateful. I am grateful for my mom and dad. My heart and love goes out to those who are going through rough times due to natural disasters at the moment. Even though I sit at the moment battling my own inner turmoil, I know I am fortunate to be here in this present moment having this experience and participating this in thing called life. Although there is duality in the world, ultimately the greatest power and emotion is love hands down. One of my favorite authors, the late Joseph Campbell said something along the lines of "the world is perfect in its imperfections" I think I'm starting starting to grasp that now. Just think, we were souls just eager to get into into this realm. We chose our parents and the exact moment of our births. The 2 chosen came together by love or lust...all that matters is they came together. Male and female energy in unison opened the doorway for your soul to step through. 9months go by then the moment is here, you and your mom push and push then... a light! You are pulled into a new world, confused and stressed by being in a strangers hand, but then you cry tears of joy realizing you made it. You are wrapped then place in the safest place in the world, mommy's arms, an endless temple of love. Although having forgot where you came from, you know this new place is ripe with opportunity and you can't want to claim your abundance. The universe doesn't make mistakes and There's a perfect reason why you're you remember?
58 seconds ago
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