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ENJOY every moment of life. SERVE others while you are capable. Take time for SELF-CARE. Be POSITIVE and OPEN-MINDED. BELIEVE anything is possible. You will then flourish in HAPPINESS and thrive with INSPIRATION. ••• There’s SO much to do, so much to experience and so much to learn...BUT, so little time. Focus your energy on the good things and never lose sight of what is important to YOU.
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Everyone falls down sometimes, and lately with everything going on it’s especially easy to trip and fall. I’m guilty of it myself. Now, instead of staying down it’s all about how we choose to get up. What can seem like the worst possible situation has potential to bring about new opportunities that we were scared to take before. When you get comfortable it’s scary to change. Why not jump when the opportunity presents itself?? Rise above the fear! I have faith in all of you my friends. Keep your head up, and don’t be afraid to take chances that are outside of your comfort zone!! #changes #jump #newoppurtunities #trustGod #believeinyourself #justbelieve #hehasaplan #positivevibes
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Hero needs some HEROES of his own! This special boy, was one the 1st dogs we ever rescued, almost 5Yrs ago. . . @shellifitz is the amazing soul who adopted him, he was abused & together they've healed each other. She is also the most selfless person I know & doesn't to lend a stranger a hand. . . First, please send healing thoughts & love to them both. Please, if you can donate $1, $2, $5, anything helps & that good karma will come back around. . . Gofundme Link is in my bio, 👆🏽 thank you for all your big hearts! #hero #rescue #love #light #positivevibes #healing #kidneyfailure #faith
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