¡ Y comenzó el viernes de aventura con mis pollos!! 😃😊😉#pricelessmoments #onelove4everandever #lovemylife💋
14 minutes ago
Congratulations once again to the winners of the #PricelessMoments with Orbit Contest.
23 minutes ago
During @azfoothills + @bestofourvalley shoot with @johnjayvanes for ‘Best Dad’ I was able to capture this adorable moment of him gifting his wife a beautiful set of diamond earrings 🙌🏼 #pricelessmoments
32 minutes ago
11:45a.m. - Good morninggg💐. My 15 hours fast ended minutes ago. I didn‘t have any breakfast today just lunch with mom. So, I’ve had 174 cals so far but after eating I got reaaally bloated + such a stomach pain, I love it when it happens #pricelessmoments Despite that, I’m in a good mood today. Hope you have an amazing dayy x (not my photo)
60 minutes ago
My baby in the choir at school I’m cheese up😁☺️ #daddyslittlegirl #mypurpleprincess #pricelessmoments
2 hours ago
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