Thanks to a blend of the #brucelee #miyamotomusashi #niccolòmachiavelli #patriceoneal & @thebeigephillip, I can be this with my head held high. Standing up to racist, sexist, and currently feminist bullying and maintaining your integrity can be difficult when everything about being me, a Man in our society is being vilified attacked because I do not just nod my head with every social or perceived injustice. #prochoice. I just have no desire to be forced into a dialogue or relationship that hinges on my conformity to some special set of guidelines, rules and circumstances that only apply to me or the other party won't communicate or copulate That's special treatment, relationship terrorism, and a bullshit double standard. If that's your equality, you don't understand what equal means. No matter how #uneducated you may "feel" I am so it must be; Right? I'm not going to let anyone mundanify my life and existence to pad their outlook. #bookoffiverings #theprince #thewayofinterceptingfist #beigephillip #notafeminist #notarelationship
53 minutes ago
Here is some pride appreciation for you all cus yea you're all amazing and I hope you have a wonderful night/day/morning 💕💜 ~Sofia
2 hours ago
When religious fundamentalism takes over common sense. Reported in the LA times on 11/17 by Jennie Jarvie.
2 hours ago
Küçük bir deneme sevdigimiz bir müşterimiz arkadasımızın Kedisi biraz nazlı ve seçici bir dostumuz royal canin fit32 mama kullanıyor bizde yanına prochoıce nin yeni çıkan tahılsız mamasından koyduk sonuç ortada 😊🐈 #prochoice #royalcanin
2 hours ago
Powerful lyrics by Joey Bada$$. I highly recommend his album ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$. It is hauntingly true and his words speak so loud and clearly.
2 hours ago
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