Guess who's front page news again 2day?! Yup, my EX! Now how much should I get for dealing w this nonsense still & forever?? πŸŽ¬πŸ’°πŸŽ€πŸ’¦#realshocker #billoreilly #juliethuddy #honesty #samecrap #Fox #NYTimes #FoxNews #fox5
#hurtlook#despair as #Ram realises he is #RaghuKul Ka Raja So the hurting words "Devi Aap mere Saath #Ayodhya Nahin #chal sakti" πŸ™πŸ˜³#realshocker @ashish30sharma84 #ashish30sharma84
Do you do this? I know I did back in the day! Loved hearing peoples reactions! Priceless. #Umad? #RealShocker #callofduty #blackops
Beaching again. #realshocker
I've LITERALLY got the best friends ever❀️ #realshocker
Weekend made thanx dad I just need to get fifa 15 next week #realshocker #busavibes #goodvibes #letsgo
My very first Instagram video... It's of Fergie... #realshocker
Just in case you forgot #Roxanne was my #wcw. #RealShocker #Boone #Xterra #xterranation
Well my friend Damon and I were going through our English book And this happened #youlilshit #wouldyouliketotalkaboutjesuschrist #english #friends #yesihavefriends #realshocker
10 facts about me: 10. My favorite food is everything. 9. My natural hair is wavy 8. I hate make up 6. People have told me I have prfect lips many times. 5. I play guitar, its my passion. 4. Music is my lifee. 3. I wanna become a EMT someday. 2. I love spongebob 9. My birthday is August 9th (six days away!) 1. JESUS, he died for me, so I live for himβ™₯️ 9 facts about my crush: 9. He's insanely adorable. 8. He's younger then me. 7. He's taller then me. 6. He has blue eyes. 5. He's a proud redneck. 4. He makes me smile. 3. He has a hick accent. 2. He's a freshman. 1. You can follow him @jake_fowler99. 8 facts about my siblings: 8. I have one. 7. He is my one and only brother. 6. He just makes my day sometimes. 5. We get in fights but I love him. 4. He's taller then me #realshocker 3. He's the most gorgeous guy up in grambury amd he knows it. 2. He's funny. #noheshilarious 1. He's name is Cody and you need to folow him. @codyisamazing. 7 facts about my best friend. 7. I've known him since 7th grade. 6. He moved to Colorado. #misshim 5. He has blonde hair. 4. He has blue eyes. 3. He's also my ex. 2. He's extremely important to me. 1. He is PRESTON CHARLES NANCE. And I love him. @tcu_lover 6 facts about my room: 6. I hate the color. 5. It will no longer be mine on the 15th. 4. I've already taking all my decorations down. 3. I'm getting rid of all my furniture. 2. I'm excited to leave it. 1. I hate the floor. #stupidhardwood. 5 facts about my parents: 5. They're divorced. 4. I live with my mom. 3. Mhom works at HEB. 2. My dad cleans parking lots as a night job. 1. I will always love them equally. 4 facts about my hometown: 4. I've lived here most of my life. 3. All my memories are here. 2. A lot of people have white trucks for some reason. 1. It's Granbury. 3 facts about my ex: 3. I was his first kiss. 2. We don't talk. 1. I don't care about him. 2 favts about my school: 2. I hate most the people in that school. 1. I'm part of the band. #piratenation. 1 fact about my enemy: 1. No words can describe how much I hate them. Kay byeee. β™₯️β™₯️
#railroaded In Terre Haute. #realshocker!
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