Ray White delivering the goods for settlement gifts 👌
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EARLY BIRD OFFERS are now available! . . Haven't started organising your CHRISTMAS & CORPORATE Gifting yet?! That's OK as we have our Early Bird Offers available to you to help get your gifting sorted! . . No matter what industry you are in or how small your business is, showing your appreciation to your valued clients, customers & staff goes a long way. . . . Make it meaningful and memorable so that it nurtures and promotes future business. You want to stand out from your competition and ensure they come back to YOU. You want to show that you value the hard work your staff have put in this year. . . At Hamper Life, we take the hard work out of gift giving so you can get more time back in your day! Access an incredible range of premium gifts or have them customised to suit any budget, all conveniently located under one virtual roof. We even offer a FREE 'Gifting Concierge' service to make it even easier! . . Email us today at hello@hamperlife.com to receive our HAMPER LIFE CORPORATE CATALOGUE and have access to these EXCLUSIVE Early Bird Offers! More information is also available on our website (Link in BIO!) . . Let us help you perfect the 'art of gift giving'!
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Its like going back in time.... #oldgrandrapids #museum #settlement #unionpacific
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#Waymo demanded $1 #billion in #settlement talks with #Uber (@Reuters) — @Alphabet Inc’s @Waymo sought at least $1 billion in #damages and a #public apology from #Uber Technologies Inc as conditions for settling its high-profile #tradesecret #lawsuit a… http://crwd.fr/2gumCaH
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How to be a good neighbor? 1. Keep your yard and garden tidy. 2. Be aware of shared walls. 3. When you park your car be sure not to block anyone's access 4. Alert and invite to parties. 5. Ohh yea.. protect your neighbour's dog and kids from polarbear attacks. #greenland #settlement
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Lucky clients!! We love working on corporate branded gifts 🎁 #luxuryhampers #luxurygifts #designergifts #gainthedream #corporatebranding
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#SignalFunding let’s you RELAX knowing the bills are paid when waiting on pre-settlement funding. See if you qualify for pre-settlement funding in as little as 24-hours here: www.signallegal.com #FasterThanTheSpeedOfLife #signalfunding #settlement #cashadvance #getcashnow #funding SUNDAY
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