"I realized..lately, my happines was affected too much by how people who are close to me, behave towards me, or about how they took me.., which is really wrong. To let love in, somehow weaken me.." . "Is weak good?" . "Not good." . "Am I considerate enough?" . "Considerate towards?" . "You." . "You are very considerate towards me. But maybe that's because you never really live with me. Maybe once you really know me or live around me, it will be different. I can't really value myself at this point." . "You are again thinking too much." . "Maybe. I was and still am. It's progressing." . "The 😊." . "Meaning?" . "Nothing 😊." . "Tell me.." . "Nothing really 😊. No words today." . "Why..?" . "I hope you will find the light 😊. I'll be here." . ---- I realized it while I was writing about my thoughts in my journal. What you did mean about the smile. . How unfair it is to you sometimes, that you try hard to make me happy everyday and smile every morning, only to have it vanished by evening because of someone else's behaviour towards me. As if whatever you tried to do, seemed meaningless in the end. I know that feeling, and I hate it the most. . So, starting today, I promise to try my best to always smile :), for I always have a reason to smile, and have people who are always looking forward to smile with me :). . "Do you know what is the best feeling in the world?" . "Tell me." . "To have someone waiting for you with the calmest smile, on a very tiring day. :)" . Paris, Feb 2018 . . . #conversation #honesty #soulmates #bestfriends #life #smile #happiness #love #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writings #writer #instawriter #instawriting #leica #leica🔴 #leicaphotos #leicaphotography #summilux #bw #bwlovers #bwcommunity #bwphotography #bwphotos #paris #parisbw #withvilia
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