A blessed vision of the first full moon of the year. After a solid welcoming full moon meditation, she gracefully acknowledged her presence with a strong command to me. Forgive your parents is what the energy of the moon conveyed. Much to my surprise it was such a hard thing to do yet I obediently obliged and felt the release of a huge burden taken off me. God only knows how many years this was seeded in me, now just like the little prince would say ... "Baobabs, they start off as tiny weeds, they resemble rose bushes in youth but if not uprooted and discarded when they are little, they firmly take root and can even cause a planet to split apart." It's time to uproot and discard. Let every single bad memory of anything / anyone go. Come tmrw morning, you will smile because the baobabs are gone :) #spiritualfullmoon #letitgo #beHereNow #thelittleprincequotes #peacefulNight #goodnight #fullmoon2017 #sublime #awakeningYear #forgiveness #compassion #spirituality #theydidtheirBest #waheguru
1 year ago