I now have that Waterboys song on the brain. #thewholeofthemoon #lukejerram
There were no pics on google with these words, so I made one myself! From one of the best songs ever made: lyrics that have comforted me since I was a kid. There are many theories as to who or what this song is about, and it means different things to everyone who loves it. I first heard it when I was about 13, and spending lots and lots of time on my own (sometimes content in solitude, sometimes not). Sometimes, I felt ashamed that I did not spend as much time in the company of my peers as others of my age seemed to. For me, the song helped me see that it's great to be active, and surround yourself with people (if those actions are meaningful, and the people are kind and good, and healthy for you), but that it is also okay to spend time alone, and to be introspective and reflective. Introspection is often associated with loneliness, and it's true that too much of it can take you to a lonely place. But you can also learn many things this way, not just about yourself, but about the whole world and everything in it! ('every precious dream and vision underneath the stars!') Self-awareness, empathy and insight are rare gems. They make for the best art; they create CONNECTIONS; they make the world a less alienating place. Let them glitter and flourish #mikescott #thewaterboys #thewholeofthemoon
Yes, you climbed on the ladder With the wind in your sails You came like a comet Blazing your trail Too high Too far Too soon You saw the whole of the moon The Waterboys: This Is The Sea #thewaterboys #thepanwithin #thewholeofthemoon #vinyloftheday #80smusic
Tuesday playlist. THE WHOLE OF THE MOON. THE WATERBOYS.... I saw a rainbow, you held it in your hands....I saw the crescent, you saw the whole of the moon. Amazing song. Amazing lyrics. #waterboys #thewholeofthemoon #1985 #motivationallyrics #upliftinglyrics
Monday morning very fresh stroll #thewholeofthemoon
"You were there at the turnstiles With the wind at your heels You stretched for the stars And you know how it feels To reach too high Too far, too soon You saw the whole of the moon I was grounded While you filled the skies I was dumbfounded by truths You cut through lies I saw the rain-dirty valley You saw Brigadoon I saw the crescent You saw the whole of the moon" #Edinburgh #Scotland #UnitedKingdom #Rock #Folk #Celticmusic #MikeScott #ThisIstheSea #TheWholeoftheMoon #TheWaterboys
A moon for the misbegotten...well, what do you know, the moon put in a belated appearance over a damp and foggy London town this morning🌕🌚😩#amoonforthemisbegotten #fullishmoon #morningmoon #londonfog #mondaymorning #thewholeofthemoon #moondance
"You saw Brigadoon..." #snowmoon #thewholeofthemoon "I wondered, I guessed and I tried."
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