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So, this is happening next Saturday in Auckland! My beautiful friend @makaiacarr has organised this as a @lifeline fundraiser and I’m thrilled to be asked to do it. —❤️— Come and join us for a afternoon of nurture and love where I’ll be teaching you ways to tap into your values to bring back your spark, light and happiness. We’re given one life... let’s really live it! LINK IN BIO Image put together beautiful by another beautiful human @theyogaconnection 😍
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These sexy ladies... another corrective today. Michelle here Came in with grown out gold ombré with 3 inches of level 7 ashy root and rusty chunky lo-lite all throughout. I foiled babylights and hand painted sections through her entire head to break up the root and knock out the copper, I dropped a level for her root shadow and toned all warmth from her head. Flawless! #correctivecolor #trustyourinstincts #pmshines
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My circumstances don’t define my success or life. It doesn’t mean obstacles don’t come. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t mean that doubt hasn’t come. It just means I didn’t stop.
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At #Synctuition we’re big fans of the African, humanist philosophy called #Ubuntu. At its most basic, it states that: ‘A person is a person through other people’. Who you choose to associate with will have an influence on who you are. This means that surrounding yourself with narcissists, manipulators, and abusers will lead to deep unhappiness. If you’re a fundamentally decent and good person, you will most likely hope and believe that people can change, and they often do. But there also comes a point where you need to cut your losses and admit that a relationship may be permanently toxic. Knowing when to do this requires well-developed intuitive powers. • 👉 Start your journey to a well-trained mind today with 75 minutes of free personalised tracks. Click the link here @Synctuition #audioprogram
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On our last day in #jeju I was a bit in a grumpy mood. I like to plan ahead but with a baby who either sleep or cry in the car and husband who doesn't do much planning, our precious day seemed to be going nowhere. As we were driving pass every single tourist destinations while Luka took his nap, I decided to let go of my expectations and go with the flow. Let myself be guided by my instincts. This was how we stumbled upon this restaurant. It was literally right next to the park we decided to go for a stroll. We didn't look it up for reviews and ratings. One thing this trip taught me was that of all the places we went those unplanned places that I was drawn to turned out to be the hidden gems of the island. So we went for it. #trustyourinstincts . . #hanjeongsik is a full course #koreanmeal with side dish galore! Portion sizes were small but there were so many things to try we got full before the main course began 😂 This was followed by rice, #dwenjangjjigae, a soup made with fermented soy, more side dishes, #nooroongji, and a refreshing #coldplumtea for dessert. . . Good food makes my heart sing and tummy happy 😊A happy ending to another memorable trip ❤️🌿🌸🍵📷✈️#travelingfoodie #littlejoys #jejuisland #제주소드래 #fusioncuisine #baekkimchi #whitekimchi
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