Forget for a moment everything you all ready know. Define in one word your life, then not just your life but the all of us. Define what is like to be a human or a soul in a world like this. With so many, so many things to see and know and meet. What is like to be a human in the dark? What is like to be a human in the light? What is like to be a human on both sides? What is like to be...? . Tell me please one dream you ever had when you were child or maybe now. Tell me. I wanna know. I wanna make it true. I wanna make it happen. Forget for a moment everything you already know. Just remember, we are all souls. Lost and wasted, yet beautiful and enormous souls. We all part of one big thing. We are connected. Remember that. I know you remember. Please let me love you, and please let yourself love again. . . . There’s a revolution coming Lonely wolf 🐺❤️🌌🌹🔥🌎 Believe 🙏🏻 #iknowwhoiam #loveyourself #faith #stillhungry #weed #psychedelic #nicetrip #lit #always #high #thuglife #changetheworld #changeisgood #vida #vulgxr #trustyourself #realshit #ayahuasca #lsd #universe #cosmo #lost #love #drunkinlove #drunkpoets #beard #beardgang #memyselfandi #lonely #revolution
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Ich bin für MICH verantwortlich und dafür, was ich mit mir geschehen lasse. Wieso passiert es immer wieder, dass ich mich von den "Kräften des Alltags" so einnehmen lasse und dann läufts einfach nicht. Die Verantwortung anderer nicht zu übernehmen, sie ihnen selbst zu überlassen, selbst wenn sich ihre Entscheidungen direkt auf mich auswirken, ist wichtig und notwendig. Alles was man versucht zu lenken, um sich sicher zu fühlen, ist manipuliert und wird letztendlich nicht gut gehen. Bewusst Entscheidungen zu treffen hilft einem dabei zu erkennen ob man etwas will aber auch was man nicht will. Ich kann das zumindest von mir sagen. Ich habe gelernt, je klarer ich in meiner Ausdrucksweise bin, und je klarer ich weiß was ich will und was ich nicht will, desto leichter ist es für mein Umfeld. Das betrifft jeden Lebensbereich. Und das gilt auch, wenn jemand eine Entscheidung treffen muss die auch dich betrifft. Lassen, abwarten erst dann reagieren. Die eigenen Grenzen KENNEN und wahren und dazu stehen. Dankbar sein und vertrauen. Heute ist einer dieser Tage, da ist es so klar für mich. #wednesday #letgo #trustyourself
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#Repost @whyworkshop with @get_repost ・・・ I don’t share too many personal things in this page. But I feel lucky and blessed to be able to share my story in hopes it helps at least one other women. This picture was taken 5 years ago just as I was starting to get sick. . . The last five years have been a blur. I have spent the entire time fighting for my health that unexpectedly changed with conditions developing out of the blue. My doctors could not explain nor improve. . I felt trapped, lost, depressed, frustrated, sad and angry. I went from an extroverted, healthy creative individual to an introverted chronically ill person who couldn’t leave the house. . It started with an autoimmune illness and progressed to heart conditions, swelling, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, weight gain, hypertension & joint pain. My doctors diagnosed me with Crohns and we’re close to diagnosing me with Lupus or MS. I tried every elimination diet, exercise, meditation, holistic, self healing and medical testing available with no explanation. Last November my conditions exasperated and put me into the hospital and soon after one day in December fate stepped in and showed me a sign, a sign I wasn’t quite ready to accept but scared me into immediate action. a post about breast implant illness that had all of my symptoms listed in one place. . . It turns out that I had PIP implants which were recalled back in 2009, the manufacturers were using substandard materials and making women terminally ill. . I am happy to say that I am a week out of surgery and have had them removed. 75% of my symptoms have began to disappear. The body is an amazing thing and after fighting heavy metals and toxins for 17 years it is starting to get a break. I share this on this page in hopes of helping any other women suffering With no explanation and despite many doctors not believing me, I continue to be my own best health advocate. . #explant #bii #breastimplantillness #pipimplants #trustyourself @breast_implant_illness
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💚 İnancını kaybetme dostum 💛 Bu dünyada inancını kaybedersen yeşilken çorak olur, çöllere dönersin... Açık sözlü ol. Her sözü üstüne alma, gördün söyleme, bildin bilme. Sevildiğin yere sık gidip gelme, kalkar muhabbetin itibar olmaz. Unutma ki! Yüksekte yer tutanlar, aşağıdakiler kadar emniyette değildir. Haklı olduğunda mücadeleden korkma. Bilesin ki! Atın iyisine doru, Yiğidin iyisine deli derler... Alıntı Şehnaz Demir paylaşımı Teşekkür ederim Can'ım... #asumanbuyuksoyoffical #umut#sevgi#yaşam#love#trustyourself#reiki#meditation#shaman#astro#tarot#
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You must purify your vibration to a belief and acknowledgment that you are already successful. The purer your vibration, the faster it will be matched. #vibration #belief #knowing
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