You have existed from the very beginning of time For the universe expanded and collided Stars birthed and died All to finally form you There is stardust in your veins And infinite power in your soul For the eternal universe is contained in you . You are Eternal
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Look Who’s Back ‼️ Get Your Yoni Steam Pouch Today Skip The Clean Up These Easy Throw Away Pouches 💕 #selfcare #yonisteam #yonilove #yoniverse #organicherbs #vaginalhealth #oshun #africa #vibratehigher #light #love
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🎉 Oracle card reading for Friday 23rd February, 2018. 🎉 ________________________ Straight away, I'm hearing the saying 'if you ask for signs, believe what shows up.' Your angels and spirit guides have been sending you signs and synchronicities in various forms, but you've been doubting, questioning, not paying attention, and dismissing them. You've also been receiving plenty of confirmation from me, through the daily readings. In spite of this, spirit is telling me that you're still seeking additional answers elsewhere, because you're lacking faith and trust. They're also saying that some of you are 'psychic hopping' on Instagram, which is also creating confusion, further questions, and 'mixed messages.' If that is a message that you identify with, then I'm hearing 'break this pattern' as well as 'silence your ego.' 'FEAR' is false evidence appearing real. When you feed into this energy, you send a vibration out into the universe that provides you with more of the same cycles, in return. Spirit is saying 'life is like a boomerang. What you give comes back to you.' So to conclude this reading, the message for you today (and every day) is to TRUST what you see/think/feel, etc, because those messages are directly intended for you. 🔮♓️ ________________________ #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #oraclecardreadersofinstagram #trust #signs #synchronicities #confirmation #spiritmessages #psychicmedium #friyay #fridayvibes #oraclescope #oraclegram #watersigns #earthsigns #airsigns #firesigns #foodforthought #pearlsofwisdom #vibratehigher #spirituallife #spiritualteacher #dailycardreading #instahoroscope #zodiacsigns #instamood #instafollowme #instavibes #instafriday
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You are enough. Repeat those words until you tears dry up. Let them sink into your consciousness. And quiet the voice of criticalness. You were not meant to feel this shamefulness. That feeds the mouth of bitterness. You were made to see your godliness. And never doubt your loveliness. 🍃 Because You are enough. Those three words you have to trust. As in this moment you are complete. There is nothing to add, no need to compete. You are not a vessel, waiting to be filled. You are overflowing, abundant, with love to spill. Turn your eyes around and look within. See the magic that lies beneath your skin. Stop seeking someone to fulfill your soul. That you have believed on your own is not whole. We can always do better, work harder, give more. But in each present moment we must accept where we are. Embrace every curve, every edge, every scar. Focus on the truth that you have come so far.
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. We are all unique. Just by the way we look, we are unique to us. Your path in this lifetime is also unique and special to you. Know that by tapping into the vast resource within you will help you to reconnect with your unique self. . Strive to be yourself, not someone else. . @tarra_tae is the founder of the @akashiclightacademy
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Night bbs 🌙
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#Truth The Mind as I've heard it, is a Great Trickster... as it tends to Believe whatever you Feed it. Which is why it is so important to realize the programming and redefine some things. Tune In to the Frequency of what / who is Truly You so that you can Create the Future / Life you came to Actually Pursue. #Trust #Believe #Mind #Power #Thinking #Overthinking #Dream #Create #Rebuild #Reality #Perception #Energy #Vibration #Frequency #VibrateHigher #Think
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Creative Crystal grid kit, everything included linen grid, crystals, instructions #the7directions #crystalhealing #creativegrid #Crystalgrid #Carnelian #tigerseye
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When you save your favourite street dog from a tumour. That Hopefully can be fixed. A warm thank you to Dr Bist and Grace for their time and patience. Life is beautiful. I m grateful to the universe for putting this sweet dog on my path. This is what we call in the yoga philosophy Karma Yoga. 🙏🏼🐾💝
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