Happy Monday everyone! We are so excited to announce today's featured vendor. Meet legendary "blood" artist, @vincent_castiglia!! Castiglia's paintings are monochromatic tableaux examining life, death, and the human condition. Dominant work themes include the symbiosis of birth and death, the transience of man, and the pitfalls of mortality. The images themselves, as he sees them, form as crystallizations of Castiglia’s experiences, freed from the psyche. Through his work the viewer is forced into a re-acquaintance with life and urgency that might not otherwise take place. While many surrealists cite fantasy or dreams as their inspiration, Castiglia’s Visionary art is connected to a life story which is highly allegorical. Castiglia is the first American artist to receive a solo exhibition invitation from Oscar Award-winning artist, H.R. Giger, to exhibit at the H.R. Giger Museum, in Gruyeres, Switzerland. Remedy for the Living, the 1st solo exhibition of paintings by Vincent Castiglia opened at the H.R. Giger Museum Gallery on November 1, 2008, and closed in April 2009. Castiglia’s use of only blood and water on paper as well the technique by which it is applied to his canvases achieves more tonal range and textural possibilities than the rusty sepia one associates with blood stains. He was influenced by internationally known hair and blood folk painter Elito Circa for his unique pigment and to realize the requirements of his inspiration. His skillful handling of this iron rich pigment is a significant component, as is his personal vision and disciplined rendering of his subject matter. The viewer is not only allowed to see into the figure, but also through it, into a deeper psychological world. The first colors used by man were red, iron oxide (hematite, a form of red ochre) and black. The word hematite, the source of many iron oxide pigments, is derived from the Greek word, "haima", meaning blood, and because of its symbolic and spiritual significance, early man coveted this color. @vincent_castiglia will be set up Sunday only. Do not miss the opportunity to purchase his unique works! #oddities #odditiesflea #vincentcastiglia
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Honored to be participating in this group show along with William Mortensen, and @colinchristian among many others - "De Domo Diaboli", Invitational, Stephen Romano Gallery - —�Opening October 30 6 - 8 pm and continuing through November 4 at The Living Gallery Outpost 246 East 4th Street EAST VILAGE NYC Stephen Romano Gallery presents "DE DOMO DIABOLI" ”The Devil’s House” - title courtesy of Barry William Hale. Full details coming soon! Image: William Mortensen "Fay Wray with Masks" circa 1925 . Private Collection, Brooklyn. #dedomodiaboli #stephenromanogallery #2017 #nyc #william #mortensen #colinchristian #vincentcastiglia
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#Repost @officialgreggallman (@get_repost) ・・・ The blood painting for #SouthernBlood by @vincent_castiglia was a portrait of this photo by @nealprestonphoto #legend #tweet Original 1970’s photo of Rock legend @officialgreggallman , graciously lent for use as reference by photo legend @nealprestonphoto to paint Gregg’s portrait for his final studio album, “Southern Blood”, the brainchild of Gregg’s equally talented daughter, good friend @brooklynallman #greggallman #nealpreston #legends #southernblood #laylabrooklyn @officialdevonallman #devonallman @hausovblau #elijahblue #vincentcastiglia
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Melukis dengan menggunakan media darah sebagai pengganti cat air sudah jadi trademark Vincent Castiglia. Seniman asal Brooklyn, Amerika ini sudah bertahun-tahun melukis menggunakan darah. Tema lukisan Vincent yang cenderung Gore dan Kelam menambah kengerian tiap goresan darah yg ia tuangkan kedalam kanvas. Bahkan ada beberapa kolektor seni yang meminta digambarkan wajah mereka dengan darah mereka sendiri. Kamu tertarik untuk membeli karya nya? Atau mau mencoba juga melukis menggunakan darah? Courtesy by IG @vincent_castiglia #retinaqube #visualart #lukisan #qubicle #lukisandarah #vincentcastiglia #goretober2017 #goreillustration #seniman #artist
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Modified Beksinski painting reproduction. Sadly, the acclaimed Polish surrealist was murdered after refusing to lend his caretaker/friend’s son a few hundred dollars. #beksinski #painting #reproduction #2017 #nyc #vincentcastiglia
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Can't wait for this film!! #vincentcastiglia
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HR Giger’s Limited Edition Ibanez guitar on a very cool client of mine (ENLARGE for detail). #hrgiger #inlovingmemory #ibanez #guitar #zodiac #legtattoo #nyc #cheyenneprofessionaltattooequipment #cheyennefamily #2017 #vincentcastiglia
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Left: Giger-esque landscape / re-work of existing tattoo / Right: Memorial portrait of @nickkushner on @adamdodgeo @thesatanictemple #rip #hrgiger #landscape #rework #nickkushner #memorial #portrait #weschestertattooconvention #2017 #vincentcastiglia
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Many thanks again to the @westchestertattoocon and my friends at Addicted To Ink for another awesome show (and respect to Richie Leadhead). Finished up this Giger-esque landscape (started in Switzerland) / re-work of her existing tattoo, and memorial portrait of client and friend @nickkushner . Tragically, Nick passed away a few years ago. It was always a pleasure seeing him and working on him (having done mostly all the work on his body). Adam brought a self portrait painting of Nick's which was 'inverted' (the darks were white, and the white's were black), which was essentially an "abstract" piece. I inverted Nick's painting digitally, and did the portrait from this 'inverted' version of the painting, in a more realistic way, even though 'stylized' as in the painting. RIP Nick..... #westchestertattoocon #giger #landscape #nickkushner #memorial #2017 #vincentcastiglia
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Happy to be invited again to this year’s Westchester Tattoo Convention, this weekend, Sept. 29th-31st, by my friends @addictedtoinkny - Am booked out for the weekend but stop by the booth for booking information and availability at the studio #Repost @westchestertattoocon ・・・ Vincent Castiglia's work constantly treads the line between perception and reality and puts the human condition on full, unapologetic display. Whether he's creating a tattoo, painting a guitar for @slayerbandofficial, or crafting another of his unique, museum-quality paintings, he continues to inspire while creating on his own terms. Vincent has become a great friend to us here @westchestertattoocon and we are thankful, as always, to have him back at this year's 5th annual event. Contact Vincent directly with appointment inquiries and drop by his booth to see the amazing art he brings with him and creates! #tattooconvention #westchestertattoocon #westchestertattooconvention #vincentcastiglia #nyc #cheyennetattooequipment #cheyennefamily @cheyenne_tattooequipment #thesleep Collection: Martin Eric Ain, Zürich
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Repost from the almighty ! @garyholt_official #Repost @garyholt_official ・・・ Okay! While we have been on a guitar posting geek out lately(trust me, I geek out over guitars as much as anyone!) here it is, in all her bloody majesty, the blood guitar. I am truly honored and proud to own what has become one of rocks truly unique one of a kind instruments. Thank you to @vincent_castiglia for working you magic with 18 vials of my blood to create an iconic guitar! Photo by @chadleephotography #garyholt #slayer #exodus #humanblood #guitar #painting #functionalart #vincentcastiglia #nyc
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