“and now my bitter hands cradle broken glass of what was everything, all the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...all the love gone bad turned my world to black..tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be...” two years since the light of love turned black, it took me nearly two years to learn that it was for the best. as a celebration to myself for overcoming a lot (and just to cheer myself up on a night that floods back a lot of memories that I have I suppressed since january of 2016) I finally bought myself the #TenClub membership, as the first step to hopefully seeing them this summer, through the ten club membership ticket lottery & presale, so i’ll not only be able to see Pearl Jam live but be up close and personal, and thank Eddie ( + Stone, Jeff, Matt & Mike) for being my rock throughout 2016-2017, aka the hardest year of my life, and obviously for the rest of eternity 🖤🤙🏽 #pearljam
9 minutes ago
Vinyl Session suported by House Salad Music. 👏🏼😍🎧
5 minutes ago
Fractal Music Vinyl Session. 👌🏼😊🎧
6 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
Last night whit House Salad Music, great underground talents and musical quality. 👏🏼😊🎧
30 minutes ago
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