Really happy with how this little wolf turned out in the end! I had to revise the design after the initial plating was unsuccessful. Sometimes failure leads to better things ;)
12 hours ago
new hair?
13 hours ago
En sueños me he perdido en bosques ancestrales y le he aullado a la luna, y sin darme cuenta no era más un hombre, sino un lobo, libre, salvaje e indómito. Y al despertarme anhelaba estar corriendo en esos bosques, en contacto con la tierra y los viejos dioses olvidados, acaso esos sueños serán más que sueños? #lobo #lobos #wolf #moon #luna #wolfmoon #sueños #dreams #luna #moon
17 hours ago
Forgot to upload this a couple of weeks ago but I got my first tattoo (Ignore the Snapchat caption) #typeonegative #wolfmoon
1 day ago
1 day ago
“we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”
2 days ago
Coming over the mountain road into Aurland and kayak camping from Gudvangen with some fellow NHites! The last of my favorite shots from Norway. #wolfmoon complete - real married life starts tomorrow 👍
2 days ago
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